Stupid Cupid

Its that time of the year again. The month of January is on its conclusion and February is waiting at our doorstep. Yes...its February i.e the month of love. The most awaited time of the year. For those who are unaware, I mean the elderly ones, Valentine's Day is here! This love month is not only about this single day but an entire fortnight of celebration. When I was single this 'festival' did not mean much. But this year I have been waiting for this day since I started seeing someone special.
I met this wonderful girl at my hospital and it has been love at first sight ever since. But I have not proposed her officially yet. I have always been a coy person and this shyness has been a hindrance in the way of professing of my love for her.
When I came to know about the CLOSE UP CUPID GAMES, it instilled an immense desire in me to declare my love! I have been using Close up toothpaste since can't even remember when. I mean since my early teens. I had always loved the freshness it came with and since I started dating, it had become the source of my confidence.
Coming back to my proposal, I was pretty unsure about how to proceed. But the Cupid games instigated me to go a bit out of the box. We both are voracious foodies and we pretty much bond over food. Hence my proposal has to be in a restaurant. I am planning to skip the fancy dinner part as I want it to be a fun evening. Too much sophistication does not leave much scope for fun, hence an informal nice place would do.
I plan to take her to a karaoke bar where the food is good too. I mean where they serve sea food. She is a hard core carnivore and loves sea food. I feel that chicken and mutton are mundane so I need fresh sea food. Wait....where can I possibly get all these? karaoke, sea food, fun atmosphere? I know...Goa!!
So I am booking two tickets for Goa. Goa is a place where I believe I can get everything. First of all I would like to declare that I love her. I mean we have been going around for some time now but I have not pronounced the L word yet. So in true adventure junkie style, I would let a banner written I love you Mandira flutter from a parachute when we are lazying on the beach.
I hope she gives a positive response and then only I would go further. Then I would take her to a karaoke bar for dinner and drinks.I plan to sing I love you Mandira...Will you marry me in true cowboy style!! I just hope she would nod in affirmation. Oh did I mention her name is Mandira? Is not it such a nice name!! 
After that the waiter would bring a plate of tiger prawns. One of the prawns would have a ring around it. I just hope she says yes and we live happily ever after!! 

The last time two of us enjoying seafood . This time I hope to create history!!


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