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Book Review: Finding your way by Drake Taylor

 Title: Finding your Way Author: Drake Taylor Genre: Self help, Motivation Rating: 5/5 2020 has been hard on everyone. It has taken real courage and patience to deal with the adversities. For some, the negatives have been way too much; resulting in depression or even worse; self harm. Although I am not a person to fall victim to such things, but the past 10 months have really been trying; to say the least. This is when I found to this book to start 2021 on a fresh note. The author has done an incredible jo in helping us all. It's a quick read and we all should go through it because it's such a great motivational book. Following are the main takeaways that I noted and would help you too. Life is not all magic as television and books. It's more like a horror movie that we feel is not real Sometimes the hardest thing isn't to begin the journey, but to accept why you must begin the journey. You have to accept the responsibility. You will not change your life or rid yourself