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Pampers Super Soft Pants

In India we have a tendency to think that baby sitting is a woman's job only. But I am not one of those chauvinistic people. I believe that baby care is equally a father's job. I am a proud father of my 18 month old daughter. I love to take care of her (whenever I find time) and enjoy taking part in activities like changing diapers and all. On Tuesday I got a mail from Blogadda about the launch of Pampers premium care pants. Well if it was two years back, I would not have understood the difference between diapers or pants or extra soft diapers etc. But since I am a new Dad, I very well knew what it meant. WE started wit conventional diapers for our daughter but as she is very naughty, she could easily remove the flaps and become diaper free. So we switched to diaper pants. The invite was about super soft pants and I was quite interested as it sounded very promising for my baby. It was a Tuesday afternoon. I wrapped up my hospital duties as fast as possible and managed to s

Comedy Hunt

Remember that coffee ad?A stand up comedian stammers all the way to his jokes? Well the truth is that laughter is the essence of life. Its the best medicine indeed. And the harder truth is that laughter is a serious business! There are various ways to evoke laughter..mainly harmless ways. There are a lot of comedy shows on television, laughter clubs, jokes on social media and live comedy. I believe the toughest part is the live one...the stand up comedy genre. I mean it actually requires guts to face a live audience and make them laugh! I have been fond of stand up comedy for some time now. There are many faces who are very well known and I often frequent pubs or restaurants to witness the funnyman act.   Today with advent of millions of websites and social media its really easy to find something you love. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune etc are throbbing with nightlife . Take the example of  An website dedicated to the parties and nightlife, it has got

My sister, my strength

I have been brought up in a very close knit family. But as the child of working parents, I got very less time from my father and mother. I am the younger of the two siblings and hence my elder sister has been a mother to me. Though she is just three years older to me, but maybe its the maternal gene or pure love that she has always treated me like a baby. When I was just three and she six, she used to comb my hair, tie up my shoe laces just like a mother would do while going to school. So I am more of a sister's boy than a mamma's boy.  As we grew up we drifted apart physically but got fonder of each other. We were in different medical colleges in two different cities. But there used to be two days in the calender when nothing could keep us apart...her birthday and of course Rakshabandhan. When announced the #Selfiewithsibling contest, I dug into my Rakhee diaries and got nostalgic. About twenty years ago when we were in school, my didi had gone to NCC