Pampers Super Soft Pants

In India we have a tendency to think that baby sitting is a woman's job only. But I am not one of those chauvinistic people. I believe that baby care is equally a father's job. I am a proud father of my 18 month old daughter. I love to take care of her (whenever I find time) and enjoy taking part in activities like changing diapers and all.

On Tuesday I got a mail from Blogadda about the launch of Pampers premium care pants. Well if it was two years back, I would not have understood the difference between diapers or pants or extra soft diapers etc. But since I am a new Dad, I very well knew what it meant. WE started wit conventional diapers for our daughter but as she is very naughty, she could easily remove the flaps and become diaper free. So we switched to diaper pants. The invite was about super soft pants and I was quite interested as it sounded very promising for my baby.

It was a Tuesday afternoon. I wrapped up my hospital duties as fast as possible and managed to squeeze a couple of hours for the event. Not only the idea of super soft diapers interested me but I was looking forward to meeting two super moms Tara Sharma and Mandira Bedi.

The venue was Vivanta by Taj Ambassador. The evening started with introduction of the Pamper pants. The child expert panel included Mandira Bedi, Tara Sharma, Ajita Gopal (child sleep expert ) and Procter and Gamble Pampers R and D expert Dr WeiSing . She exlained how so much effort has been put in developing these super soft diaper pants and these are the softest and the most comfortable pants ever. Then a lot of activities indeed proved their efficacy. WE learnt that:

Pampers premium care pants provide upto 12 hours of absorption.
They have the softest cover.
They have baby lotion in it which prevents rash.
They have a wetness indicator which shows how wet the diaper is (an innovation in itself)
Easy to dispose.

Very impressed with all these properties, I was really looking forward to using these premium care pants.

After the session we had snacks and then we took many photographs. Before leaving we were handed a pack of Pampers premium care pants and a box of P and G goodies . The box included a lot of female products which thrilled my wife! It was an afternoon well spent.

This blogpost is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda”

With baby sleep expert Ajita Gopal

Mandira Bedi anchoring the evening

The panel of experts

With Bollywood sweetheart and super mom Tara Sharma


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