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Healthy Eating

You are what you eat. This is probably the most overused phrase! Well there are is so true! What you put inside your mouth reflects outside! So your skin, hair and overall health speaks volumes about what you eat! Enough of eat talk, let's come to food! I am a big time foodie! But I was not few years before. When I joined MBBS at the age of sixteen and a half, I weighed a meagre 46 kilos! Peers at my college used to ridicule me. Some of them were obese who were struggling to lose weight. Others like normal youngsters used to work hard on building their bodies. In both the cases I saw my peers resorting to artificial diets. The overweight ones tried crash dieting while the body builder ones used to take muscle mass enhancers. Both were equally harmful. I was advised by the dietecian of my college never to take artificial supplements. Gymming never occurred to me before. One fine day I went to the tailor to get my doctor's coat. He had forgotten to get mine rea

Cricket on the Go!!

I am a hard core cricket fan. I know every second youth would agree with with me or rather claim to be one. But I am no ordinary fan. I have been a cricketer the under 19 Uttar Pradesh team to be precise. Managing my medical studies with cricket was not an easy job but I used to manage it nonetheless. One bad day I injured my knee ligament to such an extent that I was bed ridden for 3 months. I realised I could never play professional cricket anymore. Like a lovelorn I had to get satisfied from watching cricket only. I am one crazy person (as my wife calls me) who watches any form of cricket: from the test series to the Big bash to champions league to any kind of repeat telecast. People who know my addiction to cricket feel that I am pathologically ill!!  But things got tougher as years progressed. I got very less time to watch cricket on TV. There were days when I had to follow an entire tour on the internet. Not only scores are showed late than the live match but I wh

Hangout With Honda

beautiful sunset orange colour... Seems God has been listening to me. My fetish for gadgets and mean machines got satisfied to some extent with a very interesting mail! I along with other bloggers were invited to the launch of the all new Honda JAZZ! And that was not all...we were going to drive the handsome mean machine at nowhere other than the BUDDHA INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT, India's only Formula one racing track! I could not believe it! Being a blogger really gives you some amazing opportunities. I was eagerly waiting for the D Day. A Saturday means a hell lot of work at the hospital but I wrapped them up as much as possible and convinced my team to take care of the rest! Long story short, I was too excited for the drive itself. We were taken to Radisson Greater Noida for meeting fellow bloggers and lunch. From there we took the Yamuna Expressway to the Buddha International Circuit. After an elaborate introduction of the 3rd generation Honda Jazz by various H

My Favourite Phone

Well like every guy, I am a gadget freak too. I am constantly upgrading my gadgets and looking forward to new technology. Among all the gadgets, my favourite is the smartphone. A smartphone covers all my daily activities....from the morning alarm ,to do list, clicking pictures to surfing the web and updating social media. I simply cannot live without my phone. And that is why I need it to be really smart! When I was invited to the  epic launch of the Asus Zenfone2 , I was mesmerized. Whoa! this phone could do everything that I could ask for at one third the price of its counterparts! It ought to be on everyone's wishlist! My favourite features of my favourite phone are:  Sleek Look: My phone has to look good. The Zenfone 2 has a luxurious ultra slim ergonomic arc design. It has a large screen and looks super elegant. Super fast: The Zenfone 2 is the world's first smartphone with a 4 GB RAM! That means it is superfast, I can browse the web like that in my laptop. Data

Responsible Parenting

I believe that parenting is the toughest job in this world. Before I became a father, I was not aware of the responsibilities; only the joys of raising a child. As my daughter is growing up day by day, I am continuously striving to become a better father. I have been reading articles on parenting. She is just fifteen months old now, and by the time she grows up, I want to step up as an ideal father figure in front of her. Recently I was reading the Rewards me site and found many interesting articles on bringing up a child . My favourite article was on what not to say to your child. There are so many things which should not be said. We try to control our anger and frustration in front of our employers, we control ourselves in front of our family and we try to harness our emotions in so many situations. However when it comes to our child, we tend to vent out our anger and frustration on them. Why is this so? Maybe because we don't consider them to be separate from us. Children a