Cricket on the Go!!

I am a hard core cricket fan. I know every second youth would agree with with me or rather claim to be one. But I am no ordinary fan. I have been a cricketer the under 19 Uttar Pradesh team to be precise. Managing my medical studies with cricket was not an easy job but I used to manage it nonetheless. One bad day I injured my knee ligament to such an extent that I was bed ridden for 3 months. I realised I could never play professional cricket anymore. Like a lovelorn I had to get satisfied from watching cricket only. I am one crazy person (as my wife calls me) who watches any form of cricket: from the test series to the Big bash to champions league to any kind of repeat telecast. People who know my addiction to cricket feel that I am pathologically ill!!
 But things got tougher as years progressed. I got very less time to watch cricket on TV. There were days when I had to follow an entire tour on the internet. Not only scores are showed late than the live match but I when wanted to watch videos the buffering part took away all the excitement. Irritated I cut down on my internet cricket. But like a shameless clingy lover, I used to watch cricket (with the streaming and buffering drama) anyways.
As years passed my affair with my favourite game became a long distance one. I continued playing friendly matches among various hospitals. But the fun of watching matches on the TV had been eluding me. After getting married, I started watching cricket with my wife after I came back from the hospital. Like this I could catch up with the night matches. My wife got pretty angry with my behavior. She expected me to listen to her ramblings after catching hold of her husband after about 16 hours. Often it would happen that she would wait for me to come to sleep while I would fall asleep on the couch with the remote in one hand. Also there would be circumstances that she would not find me in bed in the wee hours of the morning and would catch me again on the couch ....watching a match with half sleepy eyes (the Australian matches). In both the cases a volcano would erupt in our home sweet home and my many days would be filled with anger and ignorance from her side. I realised that I had to find some fool proof option.
Then the smartphone era came. I neither had to stay glued to the idiot box nor to my laptop. But the problem of buffering and seaming continued to irk me. Therefore I had to sneak into changing channels on television whenever I could only to instigate my wife. Tired and sad I wanted a magic to happen.
Seems my prayers got answered. Soon I came to know about UC Browser. 
This browser has a dedicated UC Cricket section which provides the best cricket service in India including Live scores and news. Above all its fast, easy to use with seamless transitions. You can download it for your phone ( IOS, Android, windows, etc), your PC or Tablet. You can access match wherever and whenever you want! So no more tiffs with my better half! UC Browser has saved my life and my marriage too!


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