Hangout With Honda

beautiful sunset orange colour...

Seems God has been listening to me. My fetish for gadgets and mean machines got satisfied to some extent with a very interesting mail! I along with other bloggers were invited to the launch of the all new Honda JAZZ! And that was not all...we were going to drive the handsome mean machine at nowhere other than the BUDDHA INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT, India's only Formula one racing track! I could not believe it! Being a blogger really gives you some amazing opportunities. I was eagerly waiting for the D Day. A Saturday means a hell lot of work at the hospital but I wrapped them up as much as possible and convinced my team to take care of the rest!
Long story short, I was too excited for the drive itself. We were taken to Radisson Greater Noida for meeting fellow bloggers and lunch. From there we took the Yamuna Expressway to the Buddha International Circuit.
After an elaborate introduction of the 3rd generation Honda Jazz by various Honda personalities (including the Honda CEO himself), the mic was taken over by MTV Veejay Yudi. He conducted a fun Twitter quiz and a super fun soccer pool game. I scored myself a goodie too!
And then was the D Time. We all were taken to the instruction room to acquaint us with the various Dos and Don'ts. Some of the rules were so strict that I almost developed cold feet!
Finally I got the cool vehicle all to myself to drive.

I got to drive a metallic orange colour (sunset orange) which was super cool. There were various other colours which were equally nice: from yellow to blue, silver, sky blue, red, white and black.

Sporty sleek headlamps, front Fog lamps, LED rear tail lamps, electric adjustable outside mirrors with indicators, rear antenna and alloy wheels and so many other things which I loved.


Premium and spacious interiors with lot of leg space. Various seat modes available: Ytility, Long, Tall and Refresh. There are 9 cup holders! You can never be out of drinks while driving a Jazz! The AC is super cool with touchscreen functions. A multifunctional steering wheel with automatic telephone control and audio controls. Advanced multifunction Combimeter with Eco Assist Ambient Rings. The seats were elegantly beige.

The Drive:

I drove the automatic diesel car. Its mileage is best in its segment: around 27 kms per litre. The drive was super smooth and the brakes even more powerful. The track was around 5.4 km and the first lap consisted of breaking the ice with the car as well as the track. In the second lap we were allowed to speed up but not overtake each other. The ten JAZZ cars on the track were supposed to be in a straight line in a  disciplined manner. The highest speed which I could attain was 130 kmph. Though it was a small number but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I have attatched the video of this iconic ride at the end of the post. I simply loved the car!!

various snapshots of the presentation

The iconic ride...

The CEO of Honda was so sweet that he readily posed for a picture with us.


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