Healthy Eating

You are what you eat. This is probably the most overused phrase! Well there are is so true! What you put inside your mouth reflects outside! So your skin, hair and overall health speaks volumes about what you eat! Enough of eat talk, let's come to food! I am a big time foodie! But I was not few years before. When I joined MBBS at the age of sixteen and a half, I weighed a meagre 46 kilos!
Peers at my college used to ridicule me. Some of them were obese who were struggling to lose weight. Others like normal youngsters used to work hard on building their bodies. In both the cases I saw my peers resorting to artificial diets. The overweight ones tried crash dieting while the body builder ones used to take muscle mass enhancers. Both were equally harmful. I was advised by the dietecian of my college never to take artificial supplements.
Gymming never occurred to me before. One fine day I went to the tailor to get my doctor's coat. He had forgotten to get mine ready and had an extra one hanging which happened to be the size of a girl. The tailor innocently said that since I had narrow shoulders, I could easily fit into that coat! That was the final straw. I had bore enough ridicule. I seriously needed to build my body and look like a man. But I never sought solace in short term things. I worked hard and ate right. As I finished my medical school I learnt how important natural diet is.

Today about 12 years later I am at a much better position than my crash diet peers. Today they have become heavier than their college days. Those kilos which they lost initially from their crash dieting got piled up later. They have lost a lot of hair and are fighting various ailments due to obesity.
I on the other hand am not skinny anymore. Thanks to my voracious eating. I have incorporated a few very important healthy habits. I start my say with a glass of warm lemon water and dabur honey. It helps to cleanse my system and maintain my weight. Moreover a spoonful of honey everyday keeps cough and cold away. Our Ayurvedic pioneers had said it ages back. I don't take artificial sweeteners or sugar. I have a sweet tooth and I satisfy it with Dabur honey. Be it tea (my only addiction) or sewai ki kheer, I ask my wife to use honey instead of sugar. It infuses a beautiful flavour! I take wholesome diet (rich in fruits and vegetables) and do not rely on supplements! According to me vitamins and minerals should come from food not tablets!

Honey has some beauty benefits too. It brings a glow to your skin! My wife uses honey as her face mask! Enough said, embrace natural healthy foods! Crash diet or diet drinks or artificial sweeteners may contain less calories but they are very harmful in the long run!


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