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Book Review: Heart Quake by K Vijayakarthikeyan

Title: Heartquake Author:  K.Vijayakarthikeyan Genre: Fiction This book is about Vikram who is a newly recruited IAS officer in the district of Laxmipur. However things are not easy as Vikram had an ugly face off with the minister during his training days.  As if his previous tete a tete with the corrupt minister was not enough, the district starts witnessing heart attacks one by one. Now heart attack can not be an epidemic but it seems to affect the people of that region only, with similar symptoms. Meanwhile Vikram falls in love with the doctor of the district hospital who happens to be the cardiologist too. Together, they try to unravel the mystery behind the scary heart attacks. Who could be next? The story is a faced paced thriller with layers unfolding page by page. Turns out it's a big racket involving corruption, personal gains, vengeance, etc etc. However the most interesting twist comes in the form of science fiction dosage. Have you heard of telemedic

Book Review: Myth of the entrepreneur by Ravi Kailas

Title: Myth of the Entrepreneur Author: Ravi Kailas with Cathy Guo Genre: Biopic Number of pages: 193, hard bound We usually have a particular definition of entrepreneur when we come across this, wealthy and ruthless..don't we? However this is a myth or you would realize after reading this book. The author and the protagonist, Ravi Kailas is truly an inspiration. He had been ambitious right from childhood; when his family conditions were not so favourable yet always a philanthropist. He is a man of real values. His father had given him basic education to lead a good life. But he always had vision for something higher. He was an entrepreneur even before he became one. The route he took to pave his way in the Oberoi Hotel Mumbai is something absolutely unimaginable. No one would have ever thought that such revenue/rent extrapolation of 6 years could actually make his 'residing in a five star hotel' dream true. And that was just the b