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Live life to the fullest!

When I crib about my unhealthy lifestyle and start talking about initiating a healthy life, people just assume that I am pretending. For common people, doctors have the most healthy lifestyle. But the reality is exactly the opposite. Though we may preach about good habits all the time, we are the last ones to practice. Blame it on our hectic and inhuman schedules, we are more prone to hypertension (owing to stress), varicose veins (long standing hours for surgeons), centripetal obesity (long sitting hours in physicians), infectious diseases like tuberculosis and the list is endless. Some of them are part and parcel of our jobs while ailments like hypertension can be kept at bay by adopting some modifications in my lifestyle. On the ocassion of World Heart Day, I pledge to introduce some tweeks in my busy schedule that will help me to lead a healthier life. These changes are not only for me, my readers too should try to adopt them if they are already not leading a healthy l

My dream city

Home is everyone's fact whose isn't?  Its usually a childhood dream to build a beautiful house called 'home' when we grow up. But buying a home is not like buying clothes. Real estate shopping requires immense planning as well as investment. Investment is in terms of money as well as brains. A home is where millions of aspirations and dreams are formed. So before I buy my own home, I would like to do a little bit of research. I stumbled across few sites. Check out . Its your destination to your dream home. I have lived in so many places till now. Born in Varanasi, education from Lucknow, worked in Meerut and Muzzaffarnagar and finally landed in Delhi. Its been seven years that I am here in Delhi. But tht does not mean I would like to end up here. Delhi is the city of  chaos, traffic jams and pollution. I would definitely not want m kids to inhale polluted air. Today so many smart cities have come up that redefine the sta