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When I crib about my unhealthy lifestyle and start talking about initiating a healthy life, people just assume that I am pretending. For common people, doctors have the most healthy lifestyle. But the reality is exactly the opposite. Though we may preach about good habits all the time, we are the last ones to practice. Blame it on our hectic and inhuman schedules, we are more prone to hypertension (owing to stress), varicose veins (long standing hours for surgeons), centripetal obesity (long sitting hours in physicians), infectious diseases like tuberculosis and the list is endless. Some of them are part and parcel of our jobs while ailments like hypertension can be kept at bay by adopting some modifications in my lifestyle.

On the ocassion of World Heart Day, I pledge to introduce some tweeks in my busy schedule that will help me to lead a healthier life. These changes are not only for me, my readers too should try to adopt them if they are already not leading a healthy life. Many people who lead a hectic life would be able to relate to me and also follow these steps.

1. Wake up half an hour before my normal waking time:
I can never fix a definite waking time like 6 Am or 5 AM. I often conduct surgeries late at night which can go upto 3 to4 AM. So trying to wake up at 6 am is out of question on those mornings. Instead of a fixed time, I would try to wake up half an hour before whatever I would normally. I usually designate 6 hours of my day for slumber.

2.Cycle to the hospital
Since I hardly have time for breakfast in the morning leave the time to exercise, I have to find out alternative ways to workout. I already use the stairs in my hospital as a part of my exercise. Now I plan to take my bicycle to the hospital. It is 3 kms far and that means I would have 6 kms of cycling everyday which is not bad.

3. Cut down junk food;
Though I am not a burger or pizza fanatic, but I gorge on samosas every now and then. Sometimes its someone's birthday treat or sometimes its my hunger pang in midst of work. Samosas are deep fried and add to one's cholesterol level. From now on I will try to replace them with delicious salads. I love salads too. Its just that I have to incorporate them into my lifestyle.

4. Keep laughing
I am a happy go lucky person by nature. You will always find me smiling. But sometimes the environment of the hospital becomes so tense that I find myself stressing the entire day. On such days I would just go to the terrace and laugh out loud eight times. I would talke a colleague with me too. Believe me it works! After two or three forced laughs, you would find yourself laughing automatically and that too heartily!

With these small changes, I plan to enhance the longevity of my life and you can yours too!

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”


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