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Together with nature

It had been quite a long time that I did something with my entire family. I mean long...long time. I had left home at the age of sixteen to pursue my medical career and had never looked back since then. My life was filled with patients, surgeries and the constant ringing of my phone.It had been 14 years that I had done something with my family. Now family held a different meaning. It did not have only my parents and didi but my wife and my unborn child too. It was my thirtieth birthday and hence it was very special. Not only I was stepping into a new decade but I had my entire world together for the first time in my life. Last birthday my parents were not with me and next birthday life would be different...My child would be with me. So this year it needed to be big. I have loved travelling from times immemorial. My parents do too. But they were so much caught up in bringing me and my didi up that they never had time for themselves. I mean who does not love visiting beautiful

Pampers premium care pants

Being a father of an eighteen months old has taught me quite a lot of things. First baby care is a combined effort. I mean mothers alone cannot take care of the baby. God made two caregivers for a reason! Initially my wife used to get crazy when handling our baby all by herself. She was not well herself. And our baby drained the entire energy left in her. She was unable to sleep even for a single minute. Thats when I realised that I needed to take care of things. It was not that I was fresh; I came back home tired from the hospital but still was at a better position than my wife! That's when I learnt myriads of things about baby care. Though feeding the baby was exclusively the mother's domain, I could offer a helping hand in changing diapers which was quite a job too. I started out with Pampers Active baby but slowly switched to pants. I brought it on an experimental basis and realised that it a lot easy to put on and my baby was unable to remove its flaps! My naughty