Together with nature

It had been quite a long time that I did something with my entire family. I mean long...long time. I had left home at the age of sixteen to pursue my medical career and had never looked back since then. My life was filled with patients, surgeries and the constant ringing of my phone.It had been 14 years that I had done something with my family. Now family held a different meaning. It did not have only my parents and didi but my wife and my unborn child too. It was my thirtieth birthday and hence it was very special. Not only I was stepping into a new decade but I had my entire world together for the first time in my life. Last birthday my parents were not with me and next birthday life would be different...My child would be with me. So this year it needed to be big.

I have loved travelling from times immemorial. My parents do too. But they were so much caught up in bringing me and my didi up that they never had time for themselves. I mean who does not love visiting beautiful places and fancy dining? My parents had sacrificed everything for us. We as children are so selfish that we seldom think about such stuff. Whenever they came to visit us, I never took them out. But this birthday my wife had some plans.
My birthday arrived. After the quick morning rituals (my parents are very religious and superstitious) we left for the celebration. They did not have any idea where we were headed too.

Then we arrived at the Botanical Gardens. The Botanical Gardens of Kolkata are not only the largest in India but also in Asia. From hundreds of years old banyan trees to beautiful flowering plants, this vast place has all. We all were thrilled to mingle with our beautiful nature. It took some time to absorb all the beauty around us. My parents were thrilled. They had never been to such a place before. They said they were proud of me for bringing them to this place.

Finally it was time to call it a day. We had our tummies full and our hearts content. For a change I did not check my phone throughout the day. I am always accused to be glued to either my television , laptop or smartphone by my wife or mom. For the first time since I owned my phone, I had not swiped it throughout the day. I had been conversing with my family and taking pride in their happiness. I did not even update my Instagram account about all the beautiful pictures I had taken. I am telling you its a big thing as I am pathologically addicted to Instagram. After decades I realised the true value of togetherness...away from work, addictions and the world. It meant my real little family and nature helped us to come together. That is the joy of being alive.

When my baby grows up, I would teach her to bond with with family and grow new life just like it happens in Kissanpur.


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