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Why should women do all the work?

My school had pretty strict rules when it came to uniforms and stuff. Our nails were checked daily to see whether they are trimmed or not. Our uniforms too were inspected from top to bottom whether the shoes are polished, socks not too small (applicable for girls), shirt and trouser well ironed and no stain was visible. Since I studied in Delhi Public School, my uniform was all white.   It was tough maintaining an all white uniform and that too for a playful boy like me. I had two sets of uniforms and had to get my uniform washed every other day. Cleaning whites required special care and attention. I mean just dumping them into the machine did not guarantee a spotless uniform.   It was a Monday. After the morning assembly, our daily ritual of uniform inspection began. My heart was thumping loudly. My parents were very busy that weekend and the usual scrubbing and bleaching of my uniform could not been done. I was praying silently when my class teacher stopped me. M

Launch of Tia Jewels

Gorgeous Tia jewelry...Pay special attention to the Ruby ring and the polki bracelet What comes to your mind when you think of jewellery? For a man, the word comes with its share of scare. I prefer not openly admiring these intricate pieces of art and craftsmanship in order not to get bankrupt. So though I can stop my wife from buying jewellery, I can't deter her from swooning over them! Last Saturday ie yesterday she got the invite for the launch of Tia Jewels. As expected, she was very excited. As it was in Gurgaon, I could not let her go alone. Also how can I ever escape from the duty of being her photographer? We got quite late as we both got stuck at our hospital. Anyways we left at half past four and finally made it there after two hours. The ambiance was awesome. We were welcomed by Neha, who invited us and Shallu Jain,the talented designer of Tia jewels.We were immediately smitten by all the bling around. We learnt that Tia jewels is about premium dia

Valentines Gift Guide

Hello my readers! Love is in the air! So what are your plans for the sweetest day of the year? I don't have much in mind except for surprising my better half. I am usually a bit frugal when it comes to spending for myself. Before I fell in love, I used to spend money only on my dear didi. I bought gifts only for her and not even for my parents. But as I met my soulmate, I started choosing lovey dovey gifts for her. Since I knew she was the one, I proposed her to get married just a fortnight of knowing her! It was love at first sight for me. This year on 9th February we completed five years of marriage. This week of February is pretty special for us. Our wedding anniversary is followed by Valentine's Day. I always scratch my head to find her the perfect gift for this occasion. Since she has a really overflowing closet, finding the perfect gift for her is quite tough. But this year I found the perfect Valentine Store  from where I picked up these. 1. A beautiful tang