Comedy Hunt

Remember that coffee ad?A stand up comedian stammers all the way to his jokes? Well the truth is that laughter is the essence of life. Its the best medicine indeed. And the harder truth is that laughter is a serious business! There are various ways to evoke laughter..mainly harmless ways. There are a lot of comedy shows on television, laughter clubs, jokes on social media and live comedy. I believe the toughest part is the live one...the stand up comedy genre. I mean it actually requires guts to face a live audience and make them laugh!
I have been fond of stand up comedy for some time now. There are many faces who are very well known and I often frequent pubs or restaurants to witness the funnyman act.  
Today with advent of millions of websites and social media its really easy to find something you love. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune etc are throbbing with nightlife. Take the example of  An website dedicated to the parties and nightlife, it has got an entire section for stand up comedy. This is a revolutionary step in the comedy genre.  Everyone loves to laugh but no one wants to take pain in promoting it!
Live in has got everything related to stand up comedy. From the famous stand up comedians to the history of comedy, you would be surprised to find such revelations. You can also watch videos on stand up comedy. There are quirky facts about this genre too. You would find everything related to stand up comedy. I particularly found that section funny which tells us hilarious facts about this science of laughter. For example five questions stand up comedians are asked everyday. Who would have thought of adding such a column? I love digging into the things I like and this is no exception.
The evolution of Indian comedy has some pretty amazing facts. The column '8 things that no one tells you about stand up comedy' is a real eye opener. The entire page is just so enlightening!
Parties are not just about music and dance anymore. Having a hearty laughter during dinner is very beautiful and relaxing. Thankfully now through Live in style I can easily get news about the outlets which feature stand up comedians. Few of them are Blue Frog, Big Pitcher etc. So lets get prepared to laugh every weekend!


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