Tradition with a twist

I am not much of a fashion person. I mean who has got the time? Between my hectic hospital schedule, fatherhood and cricket, I am left with no time for socialising leave dressing up! But being the husband of a fashionista, I have to take care of myself. Okay I would speak the truth. My wife sets up my wardrobe for me. Its her who decides what I would wear whether its a conference or wedding or festival!
Being a surgeon I am either in my operation theater dress or in a suit. So festivals are the time when I can don ethnic attire. Diwali is my favourite time of the year when I can flaunt my heavy sherwanis et al. This time too I had bought something that screams festive. When came up with #traditionmyway contest, I grew all the way more excited to show my look!

Me with the 'aarti' thali for the Diwali puja
Usually black is not a festive colour. But I love black. It makes not only me but every guy look dapper. So I chose this black kurta with golden buttons for my Diwali look. And to maintain mobility, I chose to wear black jeans instead of the typical pyjamas. So wearing a black kurta with black jeans is my way of wearing tradition with a twist for diwali! Hope you like my look!


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