A lot can happen over coffee..errr WHISKEY!

Who says men don’t like to jibber jabber and engage in pointless banter? Who says men don’t judge? Of course, they do! But apart from all this, men also have a habit of denying that they engage in the above acts.

Men gossip! HELL YEAH, IT’S TRUE. Yes they do; and to a very huge extent. From office politics to hot colleagues, cheating girlfriends to sky high aspirations in life, men talk. Just as stated before, men are soft from inside, however resilient they may seem from outside. They too have their insecurities and fears but they don't open up easily. Whisky enables you to loosen up and show the real you. Just like women like to chat over a cuppa, men need something more macho. Whether its a game of poker or a round of pool, blackjack or plain old rambling after a heartbreak, whiskey is their perfect accompaniment.
Whiskey connoisseurs just can't drink any kind of whiskey. They need the perfect blend of aromas, unique colour and persistent finish. And all this is present in Golfer's Shot whiskey. It is #SimplyWellMade. 
One sip and you know that this is the kind of drink you want in your glass while you undress your mind. Woody, smoky and the fruity notes balancing the sharpness of the alcohol, this would surely give regularly consumed whiskies a run for their money. The colour is warm golden with a glint of amber. The olfactory bulbs are delighted by the mixed aroma of dried fruits, spices and fudge.

It’s the new age. It’s time to let go of old traditions and embrace new ones. The world needs to know that men talk. And men need to know that there are even finer whiskey brands out there! So men, if you want to celebrate your success or unleash that frustration, pour yourself a glass of Golfer's Shot. And women, if you want your better half to listen to you and engage in a meaningful tete a tete, gift him a bottle!


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