6 Degrees - Game of Blogs Book Review

To start with I am an avid book lover but not a voracious reader. I know that sounds contradictory but my life does not permit me to sink with a book often. So when I get something to read, I devour it instantly! Last year a lot of hoopla was created in the game of blogs conducted by Blogadda. So when their labour of love hit the stands, I could not wait to grab it! I went to seventh heaven when I got this book and immediately wanted to review it!

6 Degrees, game of Blogs is not just any ordinary book. It is a collaborative work of thirty bloggers. Yes you heard it right. All the participants were divided into ten teams having ten bloggers in each team. All the bloggers were given five characters with a description. Each team had to weave a story revolving around those characters. The top three stories have been published in this book game of Blogs. Hence 6 degrees is a compendium of three absolutely different story lines, with the same set of characters. Isn't it too intriguing already?

The five characters are:

Shekhar Dutta: A freelance writer who is yet to have his moment of glory. Unlike any Indian father, he is a stay at home dad who takes care of his daughter. He does not seem too happy with the lack of appreciation and recognition for his work.

Tara Dutta: Shekhar's gorgeous, super successful wife. She is the bread winner of the Dutta household and hence ambitious and ruthless to some extent.

Roohi Dutta: Tara and Shekhar's cute nine year old daughter. She is the apple of everyone's eye; yet somehow she has the void of her mother's warmth as her mother is too busy working.

Cyrus: A tall cyber geek who is kind of mysterious. Sometimes you feel that he is the villain of the story while at times you feel the complete opposite.

Jennifer: A curly haired, shorts clad South Indian belle whose interest lies in wildlife photography. 

The sixth character is Aryan Ahuja who appears in all the three stories as the neighbour of the Dutta household. He plays a pivotal role in the tying of loose ends of the story.

Now the stories one by one.

The Awakening:
A science fiction which you could never have imagined the way it would! The seemingly perfect mortals turn out to be aliens! Whoa! However the story has a Hollywood kind of ending. I mean it does not conclude on the same lines as you would have expected it to be!

Entangled Lives:
Oh I do love murder mysteries. In fact who does not? This story has such a twisted plot that you think that you just know the culprit but proven otherwise every time you try to confirm your instincts.

Missing: The Journey within
This is quite an unexpected story with two so perceived 'Taboo' topics. This however ends in a Bollywood style note i.e ' And they lived happily ever after!

At 349 INR, this 400 plus pages paperback, it is much more than every penny! I thoroughly enjoyed the read and is looking for more collaborations like this!

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6 Degrees is India's first book published through collaborative blogging, written completely by bloggers for the Game of Blogs activity at BlogAdda. Know more about Game of Blogs here. You can buy 6 Degrees: Game of Blogs if you liked the review. :) It is available at AmazonFlipkart & GoodReads.


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