A monochrome Spring

I now handover this blog to bonafide fashionista Docdivatraveller to throw some light on spring trends!

Hola girls! Spring/Summer is here. Its time for a fresh wardrobe revamp. What comes to your mind when you think of spring? I bet its bright colours and florals. However if you have watched the movie 'The Devil wears Prada' then you must have been moved by Miranda Priestly's famous words: Florals for spring, how groundbreaking! Now that is some food for thought. Why go with the crowd with florals? Why not create some statement with a different style altogether?

Its hard to find 'groundbreaking' trends during spring in the stores. As everyone is selling bright colours and florals. Thankfully I bumped across FashionMia where I found some really interesting designs and colours. By something out of the box I don't mean dark /jewel tones or some gothic prints. Florals are still welcome but with a twist. Like black flowers. Its still floral but not pink or orange blooms! I was just speculating on these trends when I found the exact design I wanted on Fashionmia.

Take a look at these dresses for women. This monochrome floral dress screams perfection. I mean its black and white but still so bright and cheery. And its floral but the blooms are not right into your face but big, gawdy flowers. And the silhouette is so feminine and flirty. The fit and flare style is perfect for spring. Also this skinny belt gives the illusion of a slim waist as it clinches your midriff. The boat neck is elegant yet not too fussy.

Now again its time to choose something unexpected. Like these Bodycon dresses. Firstly you never expect grey in spring. Secondly a fitted dress like a bodycon dress is groundbreaking in every way. It would enhance your figure and hug at all the right places. Also the cowl neck adds the much needed oomph factor. Don't even get me started on the bowknot. Its too cute to resist!

Not only Fashionmia has these kinds of terrific designs but their prices are pretty reasonable too. That means you can go for a huge spring haul! The best part? They are offering crazy Easter Sunday sales...upto 85% off! So go for it now!


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