I am married for the past six and half years. And yes, I had a love marriage. Love is true sense. I am from Varanasi whose studies have been in Lucknow. While I married a Bengali girl who is a total Delhiite. We did not fight the society although. Our parents readily agreed to our alliance. She is my first love. And last. But I had never planned to weave my life like this.
When I was in medical college, I was dead serious about my studies. No girls for me. Its not that my parents had forbidden me to do so, it was a self imposed rule. So I was totally into those thick books with occasional dollops of cricket. However there was a girl with whom I was very good friends with.
In King George Medical College, where I did my MBBS, its a joke that 90% girls are pretty; 10% are from KGMC. So you can understand how 'hot' my female batchmates were.
Now just around our university, there were lots of general colleges which had really happening girls. Fortunately, those hot girls used to be attracted to us as we were medicos :D And I am not at all exaggerating...believe me!
So during our college fest (which is really big) I met a bunch of girls from the Awadh Girls Degree College Lucknow. All of them were very sweet. However I became very good friends with a particular girl. Coincidentally she was a Bengali too. I am not naming her because if by chance she reads this she would get upset. We started spending a lot of time together. However it was purely a platonic relationship and I thought so from her side too.
We had a lot of fun together. She used to model for a happening Bowling Alley and in turn I used to get unlimited access to bowling. We used to eat out a lot...always used to split the bill like friends. Years passed. She got graduated while I was in final year of MBBS. She got into a call centre. She fell in love with a Muslim guy and her life got messed up. Situations further worsened when her father got terminally ill. I used to be by her side throughout the whole day. I even used to bunk my classes to be with her in hospital. Being a medico, I could explain his condition more clearly.
When my internship started (ie I finally became a doctor) her father passed away. She was shattered. Her mom was in a not too great condition either. She broke up with her boyfriend too. I don't know what happened to her but one fine day she asked me to marry her.
I was totally taken aback. I was not at all prepared. I was studying for my post graduate exams and getting involved was the farthest thought for me. I bluntly turned her down.
My idol (my didi) had a love marriage during that time. Although we embraced all this happily, I wanted an arrange marriage. I was ready to blindly marry the girl chosen by my parents.  
She must have got really hurt as she cut off all ties with me. I don't know what happened to her. Till date.
Sometimes I wonder how life would have been if I had been with her. Fate had it that I did not get hitched in an arranged setup. There must have been some celestial connection as at the end of the day, I got married to a Bengali only!

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