Yoga Crunch Herbal Bar

I have two absolutely different lives. One is performing surgeries at my hospital and the complete different side is attending product launches and venting my heart out through my blog. Since healthcare is 90% of my life, I am constantly bombarded with questions related to health in rest of my 10% time. Some of them are patients, some are family members and friends and the rest are fellow bloggers. One of the questions that has been doing the rounds for quite a while is how to snack healthy?

With our super busy lifestyles, its very difficult to resist junk food. In the midst of meetings or running errands back to back, its imperative to munch on a packet of chips or order a plate of instant noodles. After all we do need calories to keep ourselves ticking. But what we forget is that we are doing long term damages to our body in turn. Increase in cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels as well as lethargy which in turn gives birth to a bunch of lifestyle disorders. There has to be a healthy alternative; right?
I was actually pondering over this grave problem.In my hospital,someone or the other has a birthday or anniversary or a good news and I get to gorge on samosas and gulab jamuns everyday. I love them and this solves my in between meals hunger pangs. But I definitely can't ignore the outcomes. One fine day I was sent a couple of Herbal energy bars.I was really intrigued and I am very happy to say that I have found the solution to unhealthy snacking!
Yoga Crunch bars are your meal on the go.They are a product of the renowned 24*7 Energy USA.They are loaded with the goodness of Ayurvedic Herbs. So they are the perfect health snack for hunger pangs.

Here are the key points of Yoga Crunch bars:
They have 18 herbal ingredients. Eg amalaki, cinnamon, ashwagandha, yashtimadhu etc.
They have immunity boosters.
They don't have any cholesterol or trans fat.
They are the ideal meal replacement.
They are made of whole grain oats.
They are enriched with raisins, almonds, cashews and rice crisps.
They don't have any artificial colour.

What I liked about it:
Apart from the burst of energy from a healthy source, these Yoga Crunch bars are delicious! I mean I don't need samosas anymore! Yoga crunch bars satiate my taste buds just like chocolates! No more unhealthy snacking.

So when are you going to switch to healthy Yoga crunch bars?Let me know in the comments below.  


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