Strengthening roots, strengthening bonds

Relationships are complicated. Whether its between siblings or with parents, its always jinxed. But beautiful nonetheless. There are so many things that strengthen bonds: whether its shelling peas with your mom or bullying your elder sister for completing your holiday home work. Its all those moments spent with your near ones that are cherished throughout life. I mean kids move out of their parental homes. Siblings move apart because of job or marriages in different homes or unluckier, different cities. But distances never seem to be the driving away factor. In fact the more distant your loved one is, the nearer you are to him/her because of the constant reminder of their love.

If you are a regular reader of my blog or if you even know me well, you must be acquainted with the fact how close my elder sister is. I mean she is more than my mother to me. She has spent more time with me than I had spent with my mother. Since my mom was working, I was predominantly taken care by my elder sister. She is just three years older to me, but is brimming with maternal love. I was kind of a project for her; always being pushed into doing better things.

Our mother used to come back at half past four in the afternoon. That was two longs hours after our return from school. Mother made sure that the lunch was ready. My job was to take out water from the jug into the glasses. While it was my Didi's job to heat the food (if feasible) and serve the already cooked food into the plates. Me, the eternal procrastinator found excuses even back then to not pour water into glasses. Usually my Didi would ignore it and pour herself. But one day was different.

That day Didi was in a foul mood. Maybe some unhappy incident in school. Since we used to be hungry, it was our first task to have lunch. She quickly started serving the food in the plates and ordered me to pour water into the glasses. I started making excuses when she flew into a rage. She threw both the plates and the glasses on the floor. She was really angry; her stand was that if she could do everything for me, why could not I just complete my task?

I too got angry and we had a terrible fight. Things were thrown here and there, crockeries and show pieces broken and linen were torn. The end result? We both were lying on different sofas, in the unruly living room, famished.

When our mother returned, she got an idea what could have happened. Intelligent as she is, she did not try to pacify us. Instead, she got shocked at the plight of both the room and us and just fainted on the floor. We were really small at that time. Little we knew that she was feigning. We both immediately got up and started weeping. Didi began stroking her hair while I ran to get a glass of water to sprinkle on her face. Just a single splash was enough to wake her up from her fake unconsciousness.
As soon as mom opened her eyes, we both started wailing for forgiveness. We promised to behave and never repeat it in the future. It is one #MagicOfWarmth moment which we have never forgotten. When we grew a bit older, we made our mom confess that it was her feigning that brought all three of us even closer. These silly moments make us forget distances.

Now that I am a father myself, I can all the more feel the maternal love of my Didi.

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