Hello Winters!

Winters are my favourite time of the year. The colder, the better. I simply can’t tolerate heat. That is strange my friends say as Delhi has 10 months of summers; so I am usually miserable for maximum period of the year. Sometimes I feel that I was born in the wrong part of the world. I belong to the region of polar bears. You can throw me to the most extreme of weather and I would still survive! lol
Jokes apart my favourite season has arrived. But with winter season comes a myriad of seasonal ailments. Every year, thousands of people die due to cold wave. Colds can get nasty and turn into pneumonia if not taken care on time. Ailments like asthma and other other respiratory diseases get aggravated. So do the musculoskeletal disorders (my field). Its important to protect yourself from the cold. 

Guys particularly need to take care as they feel that winter wear for men is boring and against being macho. However its not true. With so many options in mens winter wear nowadays, dressing in winters is fun for us too. Although apart from covering yourself head to toe, a few other lifestyle changes are important to increase your immunity and combat the cold.

1. Add greens and fresh vegetables to your diet. Winters bring a lot of nice fresh vegetables. The more colour your diet has, the richer it is in antioxidants. Hence it increases your immunity.
2. Exercise. make your heart racing. Not only your extremities get warmer but also increases your vital capacity.
3. Drink lots of water. Just because if you are not sweating does not mean that you don't need water.
4. Avoid too much tea and coffee. A hot cuppa sounds perfect but don't indulge too much. One cup is enough.
5. Take sunbath whenever possible or when the sun is out. Nothing is healthier than a general dose of natural Vitamin D.
6. Drink soups. Take bath in lukewarm water and not steaming hot and stay happy.

Apart from all these, indulge in a wide winter collection for men! Here are my favourites..

 A hoodie is the coolest thing ever made. I can live in it forever! Find this here.
Leather gloves are a must when riding bikes. Find these here.
How can a man possibly do without a leather jacket? Find this here.

 A formal sweater for work. Find this here.
A less formal sweater for date nights and day out with friends. Find this here.
Last but not the least, wear warm thermals beneath your clothes. Find this here.

Enjoy the cold!


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