Marriages are made in heaven


Marriages are made in heaven. Really? Well one thing I know. Indian weddings are definitely something heavenly. Its not called ''The Big Fat Indian Wedding'' without any reason. Indian weddings are grand in every way...the decor, the trousseau, food, gifts etc etc. Getting married is a difficult task indeed. First its the willingness to commit and then all the hoopla around shopping. Phew!
As times are changing, so are people's expectations. Things have become grander and getting ready more difficult. Looking back into my own wedding almost six years back, I feel lucky that I got married that time. I was not an overtly conscious person when it came to dressing up. My fiancee was more concerned than me. It was her who chose all the wedding essentials for me. I neither had the time nor energy to do buy wedding accessories. Now that I have attended so many weddings, and with so many wedding dresses online, wedding shopping has sort of become easier.. So here I am rounding up few of the most important parts of the bride and groom's wardrobe.

 A sherwani is the most indispensible part of the groom's trousseau. You better do it nice and right! My fiancee chose mine. Find this here.
Nothing can beat the red and gold combination when it comes to Indian Bridal wear. No matter what people are saying nowadays that red is cliche, RED is quintessentially bridal. Find this here.
The groom's footwear holds a lot of importance in a wedding. Firstly, you can't get onto the horse or dance without it. Secondly its the main thing kidnapped by the bride's friends so it better be good looking. I did not have time to buy my pair on time. In the end, I had to wear my sister's jooties. I finally got them back from my wife's friends after paying them a hefty amount. Find this here.
If there is anything that is equally beautiful as the bride then its Kundan jewelry. Find this here.
This piece is equally magnificent as the above one. Find this here.

A turban is the pride of a groom. This Rajasthani Safa is perfect. Find this here.


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