Book Review: Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands

 Title: Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands

Author: Sanjay Desai

Genre: Motivation, Self Help

Number of pages: 134

Do you believe in Law of Attraction or Manifestation as some say? I got drawn to this book as I have developed interest in designing my own life; which can be called manifestation. I never believed in it until I actually saw people around me deriving great benefits. I am a very practical and scientific and methodical person by nature (a surgeon after all which means no place for imagination). However there are some things which are beyond explanation. I really liked the fact that the author Sanjay Desai hails from a practical background as well; hence I decided to give this book a read and found it enlightening.

About the author: Sanjay Desai is a Chartered Accountant, an ex banker and an IIM alumnus. He combined spirituality with his material pursuits to achieve immense success in his career; something which we all yearn for.

The book has three parts. The prologue and epilogue has got nothing to do with the main story. It traces Sanjay's journey into the spiritual realm. The author was always intrigued by manifestation; yet he did not know how to implement it. He had been guided in his life by the reverent Ma Krishnanandgiri; who has had an integral role in blessing his life and showing him the light. Their real life 'story' is really intriguing. Ma Krishnanandgiri, nestled in the cool valley of snow covered Kedarnath in the mighty Himalayas always sparked an engaging conversation with him whenever he was able to pay her a visit; up there in the mountains. She helped him in the quest of all his answers that he had in his mind.

The body of the book is a fictional story of a beautiful and talented girl Jasmine who had the qualities and capabilities of achieving everything but faced hurdles and failures in her life; which pushed her into dejection.

The third part is the e-microlearning experience; something which I had never experienced before. The book has links at various points, which take you to the web for a better learning experience. You scan the QR code and then it takes you to  The topics discussed are so relevant for today's time. eg: How to manage social media distractions for success. You take a 25 minute course to help yourself distance from the disguised evil effects of social media.

The story of Jasmine is an entertaining yet a teaching one. It explains us how to decode failure with Jasmine and how to use manifestation to design the life of your dreams.

If you don't believe in manifestation at all, you should still read this book. Because at the end, you would be left with a great story and some real learning experiences and food for thought.


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