Ek Nayi League

How many times in your life have you followed your heart? Well for an emotional person like me, my heart seems to make all my decisions. Be it marrying the girl I fell in love with or spending loads of money for exploring lesser known destinations, I take all the decisions by my heart. Sometimes its a loss though. Our heart is way less shrewd than our brain and I am many times on the losing side of things because of my emotions. Sometimes in real life one should take decisions with their brain. Be it office and career or even family matters, if you want to win, you should use your brains. Agreeing with my attitude is none other than the cricket legend Kapil Dev himself. He is launching Ek Nayi League where you desperately need to use you brains! The former Indian cricket team captain, ace bowler and the first World Cup winning captain is definitely up for something.

After what it seems like ages, the cricket legend Kapil Dev joined Twitter.And he has joined with a bang! He is starting a new league Ek Nayi League and any guesses what it is about? The internet is buzzing with video clips of the legend pitching against playing with your heart.

Well according to the legend if any big shot like Yuvraj Singh, Sania Mirza etc would go with their heart in Ek Nayi League, they would not be able to survive even for a moment! So what is it actually? All we know till now is that you would be a hit wicket if you follow your heart. Or worse you would get a googly!

With so many leagues doing the rounds with days (the Indian premier league, champions league, English premier league, etc) its a no surprise that Kapil Dev has come up with a league of his own. Being a perfectionist and an achiever himself, we can only expect high from him. So probably Ek Nayi League is going to be star studded. Achievers from various fields are going to come together to get clean bowled by the legend! Celebrities from various sections of sports like cricket (of course), tennis, football,etc, Bollywood, television etc are going to participate. With raining stars, it is going to be nothing less than spectacular. What I believe that it is going to be a quiz/game show with the stars pitting against each other.

We, the audience are for a treat because the legend is going to play mind games with all these celebrities. The twist? The Ek Nayi League is all about playing with your mind and not heart. If you use your heart then you would definitely get clean bowled. 

So ladies and gentlemen are you ready to witness the greatest of mind games of all times? Well I am. The legend is going to unravel his brainchild today himself. #EkNayiLeague has become a raging trend on Twitter owing to the millions of fans the legend has. Moreover everyone is biting their nails to finally know what we all have been guessing about. Are we right or are we in for a total surprise? We are just few hours away from seeing the mystery get unraveled.


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