Household chores for a man

I have been brought up like a typical Indian man. I had been pampered to the hilt during my childhood and teens. I never knew what washing clothes were or how to fill a glass of water. And then the expected happened. I left for my medical college at the age of sixteen and a half. I emerged out of my safety cocoon into the big bad hostel life. But thankfully my college, King George Medical college had the best of food and other services. I never had to wash my clothes or wander in search of good food! But life took a turn when I entered matrimony. Fortunately or unfortunately, I got married to an obsessive girl.

Our first six months of marriage were nothing less than an array of fireworks. I, an eternally laid back person took vows to spend my life with a cleanliness and organization freak! I never found the need to keep anything back at its own place or clean up my mess. For me the messier my home, the cozier it is. But my wife did not quite accept my ideology. Hence the clash of the titans.
Slowly and gradually I started appreciating her efforts. She used to work all day long...picking up things, rearranging the rooms, washing clothes, cooking, etc that too with her job. She is also a doctor like me but a less busy one :D I started feeling ashamed of myself. If she can toil so hard to make our home a heaven then why can't I? After all its our home and its both of our responsibility to keep is perfect. I started of thinking of mending my ways.

So how could I help? Cooking is not my forte and neither is cleaning. So small things first. After all a giant leap starts with a baby step. I started mending those trivial things that used to irk her. Like picking up my dirty socks from the floor, separating my used clothes from the fresh ones (I used to pile them together)...I know I am gross :D Then slowly I started pouring water in the glasses before dinner, cleaning away the table after meals.

I know what I do is pretty trivial but its a big step for me as well as my wife. Our household is more peaceful after these petty changes. Its not about the amount of work done, all she wanted me to do is #ShareTheLoad. Now I may not wash the clothes or sweep the floor, but I make sure that I support her in every chore she does and appreciate her.

In today's world there is nothing that is solely a woman's job. If she can go out and earn like a man, then why can't we cook? Well nothing to do with chauvinism, because maybe they infuse their food with so much love which we are unable to do! I love my wife's cooking and try to help her with chopping the vegetables. That is my way to #SharetheLoad!! 

My home looks a lot better than these pictures but I am proud that this is how it looks after I my cleaning!!

"I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.”


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