Gone are the days when we used to say we are a so and so family. These days its all about brands! Yes we are a dash brand of family (read electronics brand). Similarly, my family is an Airtel family! Mine and my wife's smartphone network, our broadband connection and our DTH conection...all belong to Airtel! Having said that, its a bit of a task to manage all these connections. But Airtel has come up with an excellent solution for this...My Airtel App! This app is a one stop solution for all your needs!

Firstly downloading the App is very simple. Go to the Google play store and bam! right now its available only for Android. The IOS version is coming soon. Then the App starts enticing you with loads of offers. The most exciting part? The tempting offer changes every time you shake your phone! How cool is that? You have offers that is tailor made to suit your needs and demands.

Although I loved the App from top to bottom, here are three things that I liked the most:

1. I can recharge my DTH connection from my phone. In spite of the regular low balance warnings on the television screen every time I switch it on, I often tend to forget to recharge it on time. That results in temporary disconnection of our television services and a good lecture from my wife. She can recharge it from the desktop site but our naughty infant makes sure that she is unable to switch on the laptop. Hence recharging on the mobile app has become such a life saver!

2. I can manage my broadband connection. I spend a good amount on 3G mobile data but being a blogger and an internet savvy person, I cannot do without a broadband connection. My app lets me handle my airtel broadband connection with my phone. I can browse what kind of plan I need and pay my bills from anywhere. The best part of using apps is its flexibility. As it is on your most personal device, your phone, you can pay bills while travelling, from your bed or even from your bathroom!

3. Last but not the least I can recharge my Airtel number! No matter how much we use Whatsapp or Viber for communication, no one can beat the good old conversation! Being a busy surgeon, I have to make a hundred calls daily to various places...most of them on landlines. From Operation theater to the emergency department, I spend long hours on the phone communicating. Hence I need frequent recharging of my phone. My app warns me when I have low balance. Also I get lots of offers on recharge thanks to the shake your phone feature on the app! I can also buy net packs which is a necessity for me.

Apps have made our lives way easier. And when apps like My Airtel App combines all of its services, life becomes a cakewalk. I have everything on my palm (on my smartphone) and I can manage everything with a swipe!


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