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Time is the best teacher. Time is the best healer. How many times have you heard that? And how much do you agree? In my life span of 30 years I have read a thousand things (idioms and proverbs). However I have found only a handful which I find practically applicable to life ; some of which I thought I would share with you. After all time is the best teacher!

1. Time does not heal. You heal yourself.
2. If you are the smartest person in the room, you are sitting in the wrong room.
3. Its better to have an intelligent enemy than to have a bunch of foolish friends.
4. Nothing in life is permanent; not even our troubles.
5. Whenever you are sad, remember 'This too shall pass'.

Enough of gyan for today, let's jump into fashion! With the advent of mobile phones, watches seem to have lost a bit of their indispensability. However a time piece is one of the most prized possessions of a man. If you respect time then what's a better way to celebrate it than with a nice timepiece?

Since I have become a surgeon, I find it difficult to wear watches all the time. As I have to put on gloves for around 16 hours a day. But that does not stop me from stocking on time pieces. I love to indulge myself when I am on a holiday or lazying around...ie when I am not at work!

Here I round up five of my favourite styles:

1. LED display watch: With Fitbit straps and smart watches taking the world by storm, I wanted an inexpensive version for myself. Find it here
2. A Leather Strap Watch: I find this kind of watches most comfortable. No chance of allergic reaction from the metal and no sweat too. A leather strap with a chronograph dial is perfect for me. Find it here
3. Orthodox people like those from my parents' generation may find this colour combination objectionable. I know how narrow minded! I am very patriotic at heart but I love these nautical colours too! Donning this watch makes me stylish not love my country any less. Find it here

4. A shock proof watch for tough guys like us. Jump, run, fly...do whatever you want! Dont give a damn about anything! Find it here.

5. A metallic watch is a must have for guys. If its a chronograph, its all the more better! Find it here.

Watch Image source: Kraftly.com


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