Dear Zindagi

A heartfelt letter to life

Dear Zindagi

It's never too late. No I don't mean that I am going to die. I think I have a few more years to live ( I am just 34!). Anyways coming to the point. I had been longing to say these to you since long but neither had the courage nor time. Today I am coming face to face with you to share my deepest secrets, deeper desires and expectations and of course complaints from you. So here I am, pouring my heart to you.

You had been pretty good to me since the beginning. I mean I have always loved you, my life! You have given me a set of wonderful parents and a even loving elder sister who is almost more than my mother. Again you had been pretty loving during my academic years. You have given me a profession which has enabled me to lead a prosperous life. And I believe that you will keep on endowing me with more pleasures.

Coming to my personal life, you have given me a pretty girl to love and eventually marry. And then you have given me the biggest gift till daughter! I cannot thank you enough. But don't get too excited. I have my share of qualms too.

Why do you infuse stress in my family? Why do you make me fight with my wife? Why do you make me do stupid things that cause tiffs with her? Why can't you mend my ways? She means the world to me, why don't you make her feel that?

Coming to my daughter, why do illnesses ever exist? Okay with a healthy world our profession would cease to exist but why do you make my daughter sick on and off? It just kills me to see her not goofing around and lying quietly on bed. Her stye has aggravated so severely and I am dead scared. My opthalmologist friends are saying that if it does not resolve sooner, it can turn into cellulitis. Oh why did you do this? Why don't you spare my daughter and punish me instead? 

Now I want you to know something. You know what is my greatest desire? Its to travel the whole world, every country, every inch. I want to give a nice life to my parents and my daughter too. Please zindagi please make it possible. Just do something which can fulfil all my wishes. Right now at my position, it seems quiet contradictory. I mean in order to travel I need money. For the bright future of my daughter, I need tonnes of moolah. Leave higher education, even primary education is so expensive. And I want the best and only best for her. As far as parents are concerned, I want to give the best possible medical care (God forbid so). I want to give them utmost luxury in their retirement phase and want to give them my time too. But how can everything be possible simultaneously? For everything I need to work hard to earn money. But if I spend my salad days toiling, then when would I go globe trotting? If I wait for retirement to do so, I won't have that physical energy left. Please zindagi, please help me out. Please zindagi, solve my woes. You have been so good to me earlier, why not now and and in the future?

Your inseparable partner

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