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The two F words Footwear and Fashion go hand in hand. Though we usually associate fancy footwear with girls, its a secret known only to guys that we like splurging on shoes too! The only reason we guys own a lesser number of shoes than women is that our shoes are much more expensive! I mean you can snag a beaded flip flop for 200 bucks at a flea market but can you grab anything manly at 200? No! 

Well moving on we often tend to forget our feet's well being on account of fashion. As much as looks are important, so is comfort! The Orthopaedician in me can never overlook the health of our feet. Faulty footwear can lead to formation of bunions, corns, flat foot, etc etc. Right footwear is particularly needed when travelling. You are constantly on the go and that means no rest. So the traveller in me (with an orthopedician's opinion) have come up with a list of different kind of footwear for men that would be useful when travelling.

1. Casual Shoes:
You need a go to pair of shoes for in fact everything. I mean on the flight, for lazying around the hotel or grabbing coffee. Find more casual shoes here.
2. Sneakers:
Depending on whether you are a shoes person or sneakers person, you can choose either or both. Sneakers are more comfortable and hence apt for running errands and walking. They may not be suitable for long hikes but can definitely support you during the walking tour of a city! Find more sneakers here.

3. Flip Flops:
If you are a beach guy like me, then you got to live in your flip flops. After standing long hours in the Operation Theatre, walking on the sand in flip flops feel heaven to me. Find cool flip flops here.

4. Hiking shoes:
For adventure lovers like me, carrying a pair of hiking shoes is a must. Our feet goes through various tortures during rock climbing and hiking and its necessary to protect them. Last month during my trip to Italy, I hiked and trekked on the hills along the Ligurian Sea and none of it could have been possible without proper hiking shoes. Find them here.
5. Formal Shoes:
They are for a gentleman's feet. If you are in a fancy city like Paris or Rome, you definitely need this pair for dinners and to woo your special one. Have a look at them here.  

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