Hexa Experience Centre: Next Level Drive

Ever since I had come back from Hyderabad, I had been thinking about my #HexaExperience. I drive a Honda Amaze and although I enjoy driving it, I keep on thinking about my Hexa stint. After coming back from Hyderabad, I have tried on my hands on a couple of SUVs but none could match Tata Hexa. I have been eagerly waiting for its launch next year.

My stars got lucky once again and Tata Motors came to my very own city! Yes, last weekend, Tata Motors prepped up the weekend of the residents of Delhi and NCR by hosting a Tata Hexa Experience Centre. Yes this time it was not only a Hexa Experience but an entire centre dedicated to Tata Hexa. Along with the car, there were a host of Tata brands and other activities which made our weekend delightful. And all this was in Leisure Valley, Gurugram.
Even though it was a weekend, I had to extract time from my crazy schedule. After all I could not afford the opportunity to miss driving the Hexa. I reached in the evening when it had gone dark.

Live Entertainment
 The centre was vast. It was a kind of a gala fest. There were photo booths, food court, entertainment centre for kids, Tata brands pop up shops, Beverage corner and of course the Tata Hexa in the middle. Also there was a live band performing. The Midival Pundits were giving a smashing performance
I was in queue for test driving the Hexa and it was even more delightful driving it on familiar roads. Although nothing could beat driving it on the roads of Telangana.

The Cafe served complimentary tea and coffee for everyone
I love switching gears and the 6 gear manual transmission in Hexa is very comfortable. But somehow I loved the automatic version more. Its strange how 10 years of a specific driving experience can be suddenly nulled by comfort. The automatic Hexa is too good. I have driven other automatic transmission cars too but nothing can beat Hexa. The pickup is simply excellent. The four drive modes ensure a butter smooth driving experience.

The interiors are macho and luxurious. Its a 7 seater; therefore perfect for taking out your whole family. I like the mood lighting and the smashing infotainment system. The seats are very comfortable. Also the removable screens on the windows would keep the scorching sun at bay.

Dangerous Off Road track
 Then it was time for the Off Road Experience. I was wondering what kind of off road track they had created in Gurugram. It was an enclosed area in the Huda Ground itself and it was filled with terrific challenges. From uneven tracks to literally slopes with stairs, to driving on planks, they had kept every kind of hurdle for the Tata Hexa. The great Ground Clearance, Hill Descent, Hill Hold Control and the ABS made every hurdle easy for the Hexa. I could not take pictures of the track as it was so dusty with the Hexa wheels spinning on the muddy tracks. There is a glimpse of the Off Road experience below. I truly had a mind boggling experience.

The Hexa in the stunning Arizona Blue
After my stint with the car, I strolled around to get the entire experience. There was live entertainment which was simply mind blowing. There was a big food court with brands like Burger King and Pizza Hut and other brands. Adjacent to it was an entertainment zone for kids. There was trampoline, slides and all other small rides which are loved by kids. There was a magician too and the kids were thrilled. So it was a complete family zone.

Kids Entertainment Zone
There were stalls of a host of Tata Brands like the Taj group, Vistara, Chroma, Tata tea, etc. They had various offers like the in the Taj Hotels stall you could buy gift cards starting from 10,000 INR.

The Chroma Pop Up Store
Moving forward from business, there was scope for social service too. There was a Pet Adoption Centre where you could provide a home to a homeless dog. That was truly thoughtful.

The Pet Adoption Centre..the dogs had been taken back by late evening.
So after an evening of driving my dream Hexa, all my exhaustion had vanished. It had been long week for me and it was a tiring day at work too. My face was reflecting that and hence no selfies 😁 However some hours at the Hexa Experience Centre was all what I needed to rejuvenate. Had some junk food with mind blowing music, watched the dogs play and drove the Hexa. It was one worthy weekend.I am eagerly looking forward to its launch next year!

The Taj Hotels Stall


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