Lights Camera Action!

Dine in a filmy style
Soya Chaap in a metal Angeethi
 This Friday I had lunch in a filmy cafe called Lights, Camera Action in Rajoiuri Garden. The restaurant absolutely lived up to its name!

The restaurant is in B K Dutta Market which is at a walking distance from the Rajouri Metro station which is a big bonus. 

Its a total filmy cafe and you would be transported to the world of movies as soon as you enter!
There are movie posters all over the place with food twists.
The waiters wear orange Tees which have quirky messages written at the back.
The menu is shaped in the from of a clapperboard.
Music is loud and peppy.

Chilli Bonda

Grilled fish...not for me though, I am a veggie

Well stocked bar..

Delightful way to serve eggs!

A filmy Bar..

Veg Biriyani and Paneer Butter Masala..

Food: I am a vegetarian. I started with Soya Chaap which was juicy and tender. They were served in a metal angeethi.

Then had Chilli Bonda which was a Desi twist to Veg manchurian.
Chilli mushroom was spicy and deep fried..just as I like.
Veg quesidilla were good but a bit dry for my taste.

Main course: The veg biriyani was lip smacking. Coupled with Paneer Butter masala. it was heavenly. Pure Punjabi Tadka.  Raita was thick and creamy. Dal makhani was rich and flavourful.

Mocktails; Had strawberry mojito, Italian smooch and Summer cooler. Very refreshing.

The bar is well stocked. They serve Hookah too.
The terrace offers gorgeous views of the city.
Overall it was a lovely experience.


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