Why exercise?

If you thought that exercise is only for the overweight then you are grossly wrong! We all need exercise irrespective of age, gender and weight. Exercise keeps our heart pumping strong, keeps off diseases at bay, brings glow to our skin and keeps us happy (endorphins)! So regular exercise is must.

All set to take a dive in the pool...

We have a fair idea about the benefits of exercise but we are unable to incorporate it into our regime however. Yes we all are prey to this epidemic called busy lives. As I am typing this, I realise that I should be rather exercising than staring at the laptop. We all are trying to extract time for working out but are unable to do so. So here I come up with few, easy lifestyle changes that are good enough to called as substitutes for exercising.

Always use the stairs. Ditch the elevator.
Park your car farthest from your office. Walk from there.
Try mopping the floors of your home everyday. Don't use a mop or wiper, sit and mop. Its one of the best ways to tone your tummy provided you have healthy knees.
If possible, go for a run in the morning or join a swimming class in summers.
Keep healthy snacks like almonds, dates, fruits on your desktop. Its easy to fall prey for samosas at your workplace everyday.
Take your pets for a walk everyday instead of asking domestic help to do it.
Play with your kids when you go back home from work. Don't watch TV, play physically.
Don't use the remote. Get up and change the channels.

Some of these tasks require fit knees and spine. So don't overwork yourself or do something which you are not comfortable. Get your calcium levels checked, consult an orthopedician.

Now coming to the encouraging part. We all love to dress up for various things. Similarly the best part of workout is the workout gear. Here I round up few of my favourite workout essentials. 

It goes without saying that you need a good pair of kicks for working out. Its for protecting the feet and for making your workout efficient too. I love this pair of red shoes. Find this here.

Of course you have to cover your lower half. A stretchable exercise pant is ideal  for running, walking and even yoga. You should be comfortable like your second skin. Find this here.

If you love eating and sleeping, then the only way to conquer it would be regular exercise! That is the reason I love this tee shirt so much for working out. Find this here.

Since I am so fond of swimming, I need goggles. Swimming is one of the best forms of Cardio especially if you have any knee injury or you dislike sweat. Find these here.

This thing is ideal for wearing under your pants. Its both comfortable and stretchable. Find this here

As Delhi winters are approaching, we need something warm yet stylish and sporty for your workout. Nowadays its already very chilly early in the morning and late evening. I can't imagine of going on a jog without these. Find this here.

Image credits: Kraftly.com


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