Gifts for the Groom

 Continuing with my Wedding series given the fact that I have been attending weddings non stop this November. After the trousseau for grooms, I come to the next very important part: gifts for the groom. A lot of guys think that grooms don't need to be gifted. I too fell under the same category before I got hitched. We used to think that if its our female batch mate's wedding, we need to gift her but the opposite if its one of our brothers. This mindset changed after I tied the knot.

When you are getting married, there are so many things on your mind. One of the primary things is that you are under a constant pressure to impress your wife. You want her to accept your family, your friends and your world. Its a lot easier when she feels that your friends care for you. Care for girls is expressed in the form of gifts. So if you present a nice, thoughtful gift, you are in her good books already!

I like cash for gifting as well as for myself. But the problem is that you don't attach sentiments to it. A gift is always special. And given the sudden cash crunch we are facing, there is no point of gifting or thinking about that envelope. Here I round up few of my favourite gifts for the groom which our brothers will like.
So a bow tie. This may not be versatile like a neck tie but a bow tie is a classic. Reserve it for those classic occasions. A special date with your new wife. This blue piece is for keeps. Find this here.
Who said only women love beauty products? Believe me, my wife is a skin doctor and she gets maximum men with skin woes! Men love pampering though they may be a bit shy to admit that. So these kind of grooming products make the perfect gift. Especially when the guy wants to impress his new wife. Find this here.
So everyone has a laptop. To carry it, everyone has its bag too. Then what is this doing in this gift list? Well there has to be a difference between everyday and special day. I mean you carry your lappy to work everyday in its designated bag. The bag has been worn down due to daily use. So this beauty is for that special meeting or that special date with your new wife after office! Find this here.
A tie is a classic. I am fond of ties and so are maximum guys. I feel that what scarves are for women ties are for us. A man can never have enough ties. And when its a grey and black like this one, its a classic. To pair this perfectly, give the groom a a couple of matching cuff links. He would be thrilled. Find this here.

What looks more dapper on a man than a suit? Nothing! A black suit is classic and a wardrobe must have. Find this here.


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