Skincare for men

Do you know which is the largest organ of our body? Any guesses? Well its the skin! Usually we associate skin care with women only. There are thousands of skin products in the market for them. We men tend to ignore our skin. But don't you think that the largest organ of our body needs pampering irrespective of genders?

When you travel a lot, your skin is bound to suffer...

Since skin is the most exposed organ of our body with the maximum surface area, it bears all the brunt. Hence if not taken proper care, there would be repercussions! You survive young age but skin would start showing signs of distress as soon as you cross your thirties! So here I am with a few quick tips for skincare which are very simple to follow; as we men don't like spending unnecessary time getting ready.

1. Firstly watch what you put in your mouth. Whatever you eat or drink shows on your skin. Avoid  greasy and junk food, too much alcohol and processed foods.

2. Drink lots of water (I know its a cliche) but in the flow of work, we often tend to neglect the most vital drink. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

3. Exercise regularly. Working out is not just for losing weight or building muscles. Everyone. needs. exercise. When we work out our heart pumps blood faster and it brings a glow on our skin. Also exercising releases endorphins into the blood stream which makes us happy. Pranayam prevents signs of aging.

4. Have a proper sleep schedule. Do not skip on your sleep just for the sake of work or partying. There is reason why its called 'beauty sleep'. I have really long working hours and can't go to bed on time. But a duration of minimum 6 hours sound sleep is mandatory.

5. Use skincare products. I am not talking about make up. There are few basic things which every guy needs. Like a moisturizer after a shower. Do not step out without putting on sunscreen. Use an antiseptic lotion after shaving. Wash your face after getting home.

6. Last but most important, stay happy and stress free.

So I round up few skincare items for men which I love to incorporate in my regime.

 1. Shaving Gel: No guy can survive without this. Find it here

 2. Neem Face Wash: Wash your face twice a day. If not possible, then at least before going to bed at night. Use a neem wash to fight off the germs. Find this here.
3. A face scrub: Regular exfoliation is necessary to get rid of the dead skin cells. When you live in a polluted city like Delhi, you need to exfoliate twice a week. Find this scrub here. 

 4. A nice shower gel: I like making a lot of lather with a refreshing shower gel to prepare me for the tough day ahead. Get this amazing body wash here.
5. A whitening cream/ Moisturizer: Skin needs to be moisturized externally everyday. So after taking bath in the morning and before going to bed. If you are outdoors for too long, you can also use a whitening cream. Find it here.

6. A Facial Kit: Its nice to pamper your skin with a facial once in a while. Find this Facial Kit here.

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