Clean habits, Healthy You

The life span of an average human is more than 70 years. The life span in general has increased. I mean if you look 100 years back, it used be a lot less. An epidemic used to struck a village and the entire community would be wiped out. However we also have seen our grand parents and even great grandparents to have really long lives. They owe this long life to their healthy lifestyle. Waking up on time, rigorous physical exercise, clean eating, etc etc. However these two aspects are contradictory. Today life span has increased due to advancement in medical science. On the contrary, unhealthy lifestyle has thrown us into the mouth of diseases.
Wish I could breathe this fresh air back home in Delhi!
We are living in a garbage bin..literally. I mean we are breathing polluted air, drinking hard water, eating pesticide laden fruits and spending our leisure hours in front of the television or eating junk. While some of these are in our hands like we can avoid sitting on the couch and exercise; other things are simply out of our reach. If Delhi is engulfed in a cloud of smog, we have no other option than inhaling it.

So here I come up with a few lifestyle habits in our home that can change our lives for the better.

With the water supplied containing high amount of total dissolved salts, it is mandatory to soften the water to make it potable. The easiest way to do it is to install a home Reverse Osmosis System. Forget only filtering, RO system is a must in every household. Find this here

Our homes are brimming with dust and mites which are invisible to the naked eye. We may sweep and mop our floors but what about the other things? Sofa, curtains, carpets, hidden corners. Inhaling mites makes us prone to serious allergies. One can also develop asthma. Therefore its necessary to vacuum clean all the upholstered items and hidden places. A vacuum cleaner is the easiest  solution. Find this here.

 We all love fried food, don't we? Unless you are a saint, you can never really say no to fried food. However too much of it can cause disastrous health effects like increased cholesterol and not only weight gain. So welcome the air fryer. Get the taste of fried food without any actual oil! Find this here.

Our fruits and vegetables in the market are coated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. You can't even think of going organic. We all know how harmful these chemicals are in the long run. No matter how much we wash, it is not sufficient. Here comes the role of Ozonizer. It renders all the food items absolutely clean.  Find this here.

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner ensures that every inch of our living space is clean! Very useful in large spaces especially like offices. Find this here.


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