Wedding Season

I took the plunge almost six years ago! Yes I am talking about tying the knot. A marriage is a very special journey for both the individuals and it starts beautifully with a glamorous wedding ceremony. A big, fat Indian wedding is not a new phenomenon. However all the wedding trousseau is usually associated with the bride as she has lots to buy and dress up. What is generally ignored is the groom's trousseau. The boy is already so terrified with the thought of being tied down that he hardly pays attention to what he is wearing.

Times are changing. Usually the 'sherwani' for the groom is purchased from the bride's side. Only very self conscious guys are actually worried about what they would wear at their wedding. Rest of them are too absorbed in the worries of their future household and expenses to think about their attire. I too belonged to the later category. I however had faith in my wife who chose the Sherwani for me.

I don't want my fearless brothers to be solely dependent on their prospective wives. So here I am rounding up five of my favourite Sherwanis which can be worn for an elegant and macho look for the groom.

Gold is synonymous with an Indian Wedding. Similarly, the combination of gold with maroon/ purple sounds simply perfect for the Indian groom. Find this here.

White and blue combination imparts a very contemporary twist to the men's Indian ethnic wear. So for the orthodox it may not be suited for taking 'Pheras' but it would be apt for the Reception party. Find this here.

For the Indian groom who does not want to wear gold but wants an ethnic look can go for this one. Red is associated with 'shagun' according to Indian traditions and pink and red makes a dashing combination for fair grooms. Find this here.

Those who are afraid to wear pink can go for this combination. Red and White is a classic combination (and not only classic cigarettes). It is suited to all kind of Indian skintones. Find this here.
Wrapping up my list here with this conventional Sherwani. Gold with cream is a combination which is preferred by everyone irrespective of age and thought. Find this here.


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