The Nioxin Experience

It was a Saturday and I had a crazy schedule at the hospital. My wife had to attend the #NioxinNowInIndia meet and she depended on me. After all I am her loyal photographer. She went to her clinic for two hours and had taken rest of the day off. But life was not that simple for me. I had too many patients to attend and did not know how could I make it to Saket.
The meet was supposed to start from 12 pm. I asked my wife to go by herself and assured her that I would join her later on. I knew that she did not believe me when I said that. I somehow wrapped up all my work as quickly as possible and reached the Wella studio at around 2 30 pm. Gosh I was 2 and a half hours late. But that did not deter me from taking part in it.
I had been having hairfall since I had joined Orthopedics. That’s why I was very excited when Nioxin, the world’s number one company for treating hair thinning got launched in India. I wanted to try it out myself but sadly that day was not a very lucky one for me. I had reached the venue helter skelter and could have to leave at any time, therefore I could not risk sitting on the chair to get ‘hair pampered’. But as a keen observer I am, I observed every other blogger getting the treatment including my wife and leave the salon with gorgeous hair!

the plethora of Nioxin products

Here is how Nioxin works:
Nioxin adopts the skincare approach to hair. That is, the way we cleanse, tone and moisturize our skin, our hair needs similar treatment too. The treatment started with the hair analysis. We were classified according to our hair type: fine or course hair, normal or noticeably thinning, untreated or chemically treated hair. There are 6 kits of Nioxin products catering to these hair types.

The first step is a salon based one which is Dermabrasion  treatment which is the ‘Facial’ of the scalp. It deep cleanses our scalp from within and removes any dirt, impurities, flakes, etc.

The product is to be left for ten minutes. After that it has to be washed off with the cleanser. After shampooing with the cleanser, it was time for the scalp revitaliser conditioner. The only conditioner in the world for scalp! After a few minutes massage, hair is washed off and towel dried. Then the scalp treatment is applied which is foam like and then left on as such. It not only repairs the scalp but also has SPF15! The end result? Fuller, thicker hair, visibly! All of my fellow bloggers were happy with the results they got. I wish I could have got the treatment done but anyways I got my kit and I would try at home. Over all it was a wonderful experience!

Nikhil the Nioxin guy analysing the scalp

The venue

My wife with her gorgeous hair...

With Ankita of Blogadda and my wife...

The detailed review of the kit is coming up on my blog soon!

 “You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with


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