My first hero

Happy Father's day to all the fathers! Now that I am a father too, I understand the importance of this day. Like everyone else, my father is my first hero! He has been my first teacher, my first partner in kite flying and every other game, my life's first guide and my mentor. I have always looked upto him and now that I am a father too, I can feel the pressure. I love my father from the core of my heart and want my daughter to love me as much I love him. 

My handsome dad stands out from my beautiful family....
My father has been more like a mom to me and my sister. He always took care of us when mom was away. Once my mother got posted in another city for a year. That time me and my sister were quite small and hence required constant guidance and supervision. For that Papa (as I lovingly call him) did the unexpected. He quit his job to take care of us full time!

He used to pack our lunches, bathe us and take us to school. Homeworks had always been his department. One day he made poha for our school lunch. Poha had always been mine and my sister's favourite. We had been craving it since mom left. So we were very excited during our lunch break. But when we opened our lunch boxes, we stared at the 'food' in dismay! It could not have been called 'poha'. It was white in colour (papa forgot to add turmeric) and in clumps. It almost looked like a rice flake khichdi. Upset, we both did not eat our lunch and brought it back as it was.

In the evening when papa opened our lunch boxes for cleaning, he was shocked to see the poha lying there as such. On inquiring, I burst into tears. Since I was the younger one, I was naive. Papa understood our disappointment and took us to a South Indian Restaurant to have dosa and we were overjoyed! Papa has done uncountable things till now but this incident remains my favourite!

My father is tall, fair and handsome. He has always been very fashion conscious who always loved to dress up! So he is already a #DandyDad! I am loving putting up a look for him from

I love the entire look especially the blazer and the Casio watch. Hope he likes it too! 


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