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Okay so my home is definitely home sweet home but sadly not as fresh as the title of my blog post! Don't get me wrong. Even if I am nonchalant about cleanliness and stuff, my wife is not so! In fact she is so obsessive about orderliness that I find it very annoying! I may not care if the carpets are vacuumed or not,utensils have been cleaned or the whether the bed has been made. But one thing that irks me and I am very particular about is the smell of our home.

Those who know me well find it very strange that I have the sniffing sense like that of a dog! If my wife does not clean up my room then it will remain as such and I won't have any qualms about it. But if by any chance I detect any smell, I may not enter my room for the entire day!

Particularly because of this reason my wife works really hard towards keeping the house clean. She is already a finicky person and despite a crazy busy schedule and a naughty infant, she manages so well! But sometimes she fails in the department of odours in spite of keeping a spic and span home. The reasons behind this are many.

First of all our house lacks cross ventilation during the daytime. We are few of the privileged people who have five balconies but still no cross ventilation? This is because we have to close all the doors and windows in the morning before leaving. When we come back late in the evening, we switch on our AC. Delhi is the hub of dust storms especially in summers. So if we keep even a single outlet open, our house would be covered by a layer of dust and dirt! Therefore all the odours get mixed up and when we open the door in the evening, we are not so welcomed by the strange mixture of odours.

Whenever we are running late for work, the garbage is often left in the kitchen. We get a warm smelly welcome when we come back. For that we try to make sure that we put it out. Similarly a pile of dirty dishes in the sink creates a helluva of filthy odour. For that my wife never leaves behind dishes and cleans them up every moment.

We have a fifteen month old baby at our house. A baby house is wayyyy different from other houses. She is often spitting up, peeing here and there and spreading filth all around the house. Do you know that Cerelac emits awful odour after being left over for four hours? Well that contributes to the massive gang of filthy smell too! My poor wife is constantly running after her to get rid of these odours. Whenever I come home, I find her with a mop in one hand and broom in another. I pity her that in spite of her sincere efforts, she is unable to achieve a fresh home state! I am planning to bring her a pack of Ambi Pur to spruce up our home!

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