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I am simply not a guy who shies away from using cosmetics. Okay, its a bit too much! Please don't get me wrong! I would hardly use any cosmetics if it was not for my wife! She makes me use so many things....sunscreen, facewash, cream etc, etc. If she had all her way, she would have made me take facials too! Females you know....always game for beauty treatments.


Even though skin care products are predominantly a female department, skin problems are not. Both the sexes equally suffer from pimples and blackheads. Pimples or acne are caused due to blockage of sebaceous glands causing comedones. Since oily skin secrete more sebum, it is more prone to pimples. I have been fighting these two evils since my teens. And since I have oily skin, pimples never fail to abandon me! What I have not tried...Phew! Neither does the oiliness of my skin goes nor its pimple generating nature.

Being a doctor, I always look out for meaningful ingredients when choosing a product. And when it comes to cosmetics (just a cream for me), I look out for natural ingredients. Recently I came across Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam base. The name itself said that it contains turmeric...the ingredient which has been used as an antiseptic since time immemorial. One of the major actions of turmeric is microbicidal which means no more pimple causing bacteria. This cream also has foam base that means cleaner skin!

Here are a few natural skin care tips:

Do not sleep with your make up on.
Milk is the best natural skin cleanser.
For deep cleansing, try gram flour mixed with milk.
Occasionally have bath with neem water during summers.
Add a pinch of turmeric to milk while washing your face for that instant glow!
Drink lots of water. I know its cliché but it works!
Include a lot of coloured fruits and vegetables n your diet. More the colour, better!

The Vicco Labs have combined the age old Ayurvedic traditions with technology. Vicco Turmeric Cream helps in curing and preventing skin infections, rashes and allergies. The turmeric content fights off microbes that cause infections. As far as rash and allergy is concerned, it is hypersensitivity of the skin (according to medical terminology). Can't help, I end up using medical terms for lucid explanation. Well it means this cream reduces our skin's sensitivity to allergens which cause rash. Not only this, it helps to stop the bleeding of minor wounds and heals them, treats minor cuts and small injuries as well.

In short, it is a one step solution to oily skin, pimples and blackheads with every wash!

For me beauty is skin deep. Healthy skin speaks for itself. It is radiant and sparkles with health. It does not require any make up or camouflage. You #ComeCloser and still cannot spot any pimple, blackhead or oiliness because there isn't any! And that is where confidence comes from. No matter how much we say that beauty is from within; every one craves for perfect, healthy skin. My wife is a skin specialist doctor and she tells me how worried her patients get whenever they develop a zit. So if the skin is kept clean everyday with microcidal property containing cream, there is no chance that you would develop any skin ailment!
So no woes, grab your Vicco Turmeric Cream right away!

Summer Winter Rain or Shine
Let your skin sparkle with Time!!


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