My Experience with Nioxin

The time is finally here. The allotted twenty days are over. So what if I could not get by hair treated by the Wella professionals? (You can read my experience here). I got myself the fabulous home kit to use for twenty days. And here I am with my honest review.
I was given Nioxin Kit Number 6 which is for visibly thinning medium to coarse hair. Now with my crazy mornings I have very little time to follow elaborate rituals. But my better half was so persistent that I had to follow the steps...daily.
To start with the kit has three main products: Hair cleanser, scalp revitaliser and hair and scalp treatment.

Nioxin Kit number 6

cleanser shampoo....

conditioner for scalp....
Hair and scalp treatment in foam form. Has sun protection too!!
My hair with Nioxin...

PACKAGING: Elegant white bottles. The scalp and hair treatment bottle is a pump one.


Step 1: Wet your hair. Pour the required amount of Nioxin hair cleanser and apply on your mane. After two minutes of massage, wash off your hair. 

Step 2: Pour the required amount of scalp revitaliser and start massaging your scalp. This product is equivalent to a conditioner but the only difference is that it is for the scalp too. In fact it cleans and nourishes the scalp. Moreover it has SPF 15. That means your scalp and hair is insured from the harsh sun. The concept is very simple. Since Nioxin believes in the skin care approach to hair, therefore our hair needs sun protection too!

Step 3: After gentle massage, wash off your hair. Towel dry them and apply the scalp and hair treatment. It is a foam based application so that it gets absorbed by the scalp easily and quickly. It is like a leave in conditioner that starts working after the rituals are over!


Dramatic decline of hairfall. The scalp felt clean and my mom noticed the shine and gloss in my hair!

2400 for a kit.


Scalp feels refreshingly cool with a lingering smell of peppermint. Whole of my head is feeling lighter and cleaner.

 “You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with


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