Varanasi boat school

I am a product of Varanasi. Its my hometown and I have spent 16 years of my life there. The foundation of my education lies deeply in the culture of this wonderful city. The land of Lord Shiva, the land of the holy Ganges, the land of Banaras Hindu University and the land of intellectuals and artists, it has been correctly named the cultural capital of India. With so much to boast, it is also the oldest living city of India. Unfortunately the current youth is in a not so promising situation.

Illiteracy is rampant in India. I hate to state it but the truth is that India has the largest population of illiterate adults in the world with 287 million i.e 37% of the global population. Is not that alarming? What is the reason and what are the consequences? Well its like a vicious cycle. Too much population is contributing to illiteracy and illiteracy in turn is contributing to increase in population. A politician had once remarked that if we provide televisions in every village, population would not increase exponentially. It was very unrefined of him but it was actually very true.

If we want India to progress uniformly; I am not talking about a particular section of the society who are well educated and wealthy, then we need to start from the grass root level. Learning has to be taken seriously and it has to reach every every child, every teenager. The journey of doing right has to begin. Literacy would solve the major problems of population, unemployment and crime.

Coming back to my hometown Varanasi, this city has been facing its share of problems. A vibrant city nestled on the Ganges, its frequented by hordes of tourists every year for religious purposes. Hundreds take a holy dip in the river everyday to wash away their sins, making it very polluted in this part. The bank sees hundreds of children wandering aimlessly and engaging in different trades. They have no interest in essential learning whatsoever. In order to curb this and maintain the intellectual essence of this city, the NGO Gudiya has come up with a brilliant idea.

Ajeet Singh of NGO Gudiya has come up with the unique concept of boat school to provide an ideal learning environment to the kids. The children spend two hours after their regular school day and study, play and revise without any pressure or tension. The Varanasi Boat School is a stepping stone in the world of learning.

So what can you do? You can visit the campaign site Do Right, read the whole story, create awareness and provoke people into donating towards the unique boat school. The donation money would go towards #ScholarShip, restoration, redecoration and facilities of the unique boat school. Come, let us join hands and help in the magical transformation of the lives of these children.

The ghats of Varanasi


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