My Happy Baby with Pampers Baby Dry Pants

The moment a baby is born, a mother is also born. Because before the birth of a child, the woman was not a mother! In my case I would say the father in me was born 11 months ago! Gosh its eleven months already! It seems like she came into our lives just a while ago. But as a father I would say that I have grown a lot during these past 11 months. And I have learnt a lot from my mistakes as well as from sites like Reward Me.

Right from the beginning my infant has been a troubled sleeper. She is very naughty and has been driving me and my wife crazy right from the beginning. But the amount of joy which she gives us is unmatched. With every passing day her habit changes and we learn new things about her. But one thing is very predictable about can never predict what is going to happen next!

During the initial three months, she was a constant screamer. She used to be calm only in her mother's or my lap. Strangely she has a definite taste for music right from the beginning. She is not fond of soothing or melodious music; instead she loves hard rock like Linkin Park!

As months passed slowly, she started crawling and it became easier to entertain her. I won't say managing her was easier as a crawler tends to go everywhere and pick up everything that comes in its way. Our infant is no different. She is a very naughty baby and since she has started crawling, its really difficult to keep up with her. She can't be left unsupervised even for a single second. But playing with her became easier.
Then gradually she began to stand with support. Now her behaviour had become quite defined. We have come to know a particular set of things which make her happy but as I have said earlier nothing is predictable!

As parents one thing is for sure. A baby can never be happy if she is hungry or wet. So first of all its necessary to feed her. Even then if she is weeping, check her diaper. If its wet or has poop, change it immediately. Earlier I used the normal diapers. As my baby started growing, she began to remove the side straps. That's when I started using Pampers Dry Pants. They are not only easy to put on but also it keeps my baby's skin dry from inside for upto 12 hours! So she wakes up happy! Also the gel lock helps prevent diaper rashes in my delicate infant!

Now that my daughter is able to stand with support, she has started grooving to music beats! Maybe she got this trait from her mother who loves dancing! She throws both of her arms in the air and grooves to the beats and smiles. She has some specific favourite songs too. She particularly loves dancing to 'Abhi to party shuru hui hai', 'Saturday Saturday' and lots of silly Honey Singh songs.

She loves being sung to during bathing. My wife typically sings 'Here we go round the mulberry bush' and she loves being bathed while listening to it. Also dressing and undressing her is a daunting task. We have to sing to her to keep her occupied. In a nutshell, my naughty infant loves anything related to music!

When it comes to her play habits, they are pretty strange. Instead of playing with her regular stuff like musical toys or dolls, she finds fancy in utensils. She bangs steel plates with spoons, plays echo echo with steel tumblers and all sorts of foolish things. She shakes a packet of namkeen and gets overjoyed by the sound its contents make! She has a special interest in my spectacles and removes them from my face and throws them away whenever she gets the chance! She also loves playing with our landline phone. She picks up the receiver and says 'aatu' in place of 'hello' :D The number of silly things which makes my daughter happy are endless. But one thing which is consistent is that I am the happiest when I see my daughter happy!!


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