My Honda City with quikr nxt

I had started driving in my Dad's Maruti. I believe that almost 90% of middle class Indian males have done that. After I became a doctor and started earning, it was time to buy my own. With all the money that I saved, I managed to afford an i10. Now that its been 5 years and I am a more successful doctor, I need to upgrade my car.
I have loved Honda City ever since it was launched. Somehow it has always been out of my budget. But this time I am going to fulfill my dream by buying a pre owned car. Earlier I used to be intimidated with second hand items but Quikr Nxt has made everything simple now.
With Quikr Nxt, buying a big thing like car has become a breeze!!

1. First of I can select the city. By choosing my home town Delhi, buying becomes one step easier.
2. Then I can create a free ad stating my requirements. For my car its going to be:

Used Honda City Car
Diesel car

And the best part? I don't even have to share my phone number! Because with Quikr Nxt, buyers and sellers can connect immediately with chatting!

That so much simplifies my hunt. I hated going through classifieds because of the hassles of phone conversation. Firstly, my number used to get distributed to a vast number of useless sellers. Secondly most of the time I used to muddle up the conversations which I used to have with the sellers. The end result being zeroing down to the best deal became a daunting task. Lastly, I had to rely entirely on what the sellers used to say. I mean if I wanted to see the product, I had to meet the seller or rely on my imaginations on his description.

 With the chat options on Quikr Nxt , all my above problems are solved!

Firstly, my number would remain confidential. I can download the mobile app which are available at Google Play, Apple store or Windows store. The chat option is available on the mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site. So it means I can stay connected with the seller always.

All the interactions with the prospective sellers would remain in chat history. I don't need to rely on my memory anymore as to which who is giving the best deal and all.

Thirdly and most importantly, I can see the photographs of my required item! In this case, I can ask the seller to post the pictures of the interiors of the Honda City car from whichever angle I need! That's a different story whether the seller would post the photographs or not.

With the chat option, striking a good bargain has become so much easier! I can bargain with the sellers at any time of the day! Often it happens that I am unavailable during daytime owing to my hectic hospital schedule. Now with the chat option, the sellers can leave me a message whenever they want. On the other hand i can access their messages when I get free! So be it any time of the day, communication would be a breeze.

Lastly what used to intimidate me in buying used cars was their external condition. Hopefully I would be able to find out the number of scratches on my would be car and not have to rely on speculations and apprehension. And with quikr in my city Delhi, my next car might be just a chat away!!



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