The Great Indian Litterbug

India....the land of unity in diversity. But for the foreigners, its the land of snake charmers, mosquitoes and garbage. This thought gave birth to a famous joke: What is the difference between Indians and Americans? Simple. Americans can kiss but not piss in public. While Indians don't kiss but can always piss in public! Disgusting but so true!
I have always been so irked by the random throwing of garbage here and there. So when The Times of India came up with this awesome idea of The Great Indian Litterbug, I found it an interesting portal to vent out my rage and disgust for all the litterbugs out there!

There was a place full of natural resources and wealth
The Portugese decided to explore that place
They entered through Goa and discovered India
To find it overflowing with spices, wealth and kings fighting amongst each other.
To take advantage of the internal disputes
the British set up their company here
East India company as it was known
Started exploiting our people instead of development.
Soon the British colonised the whole country
And after more than a century of bloodshed and struggle
We finally emerged independent.
But instead of trying to develop ourselves in all spheres,
we began demolishing the things we were endowed with.
Spitting paan on the walls of the monuments
Staining them red became a favourite pastime.

Females love keeping their homes spic and span
A huge price has to be paid for this plan
heaps of garbage are dumped outside the house
only to give birth to germs, smell and mouse.
Cleanliness is not only confined to homes
Your neighborhood is your second home
Home is where peace and happiness is
God is there where cleanliness is.

Spraying on public walls is shameful
Try to use a lavatory when your bladder is full
It's not like that your bladder would burst
If females can then why you cannot?

Paan and ghutka are detrimental to health
Not only addiction but they also cause death.
Red stains of pan adorn the staircases
walls of buildings and poor little corners.
Use the spitoon wherever provided
or else give up this habit for goodness sake.
causes ulcers and deadly cancers
harmful for your pocket, health and building corners.

Remember the movie Lage Raho Munnabhai? Sanjay Dutt imagines Mahatma Gandhi guiding him to become a better citizen in a non violent manner. He persuades people to clean up the mess on the face of those who littered. At some point of time the litterbug would be ashamed of his misdeeds and stop littering.
We really need to take a firm stand now. Enough has been said and written and ridiculed about the amount of garbage lying around in India. Why could a normal human not use the trash bin instead of throwing litter here and there?  
Last year was indeed a breakthrough when our beloved holiday of Gandhi Jayanti was turned into Swachh Diwas ( cleanliness day). There is no better way of delighting the soul of our reverend Mahatma. Let us pledge to abide by cleanliness every single day every single minute and make India a better and cleaner place to live.
Jai Hind


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