Happy Me!

Some may say that happiness is overrated. But for me happiness is life. I am a happy go lucky person. Except for a few moments, I never waste my time in dejection. I believe that resenting is punishing yourself. The moment I come across something very adverse, I try to get out of that phase as soon as possible. And don't get me wrong...even the tiniest of things make me happy!
Things that make me happy have changed over the course of years. What delighted me during childhood does not uplift me now. Or if it does, not to that extent! But there are a few things that still delight me..even today! Here are a few things that make me happy starting from childhood.

During my early years I loved flying kites. I love that even now; only thing is that I don't have the time or opportunity to do so. I loved taking a dip in the holy Ganges river. My hometown being Varanasi, the river flows at a stone's throw`distance. I loved chasing away calves and the chirping of birds made me happy. I loved sleeping in my mother's arms after getting tired from playing. The tight hug from my mom made me happy!

As I started growing up, things began to change. While the chirping of birds still made me happy, I seldom got time to fly kites and take a dip in Ganga. Now the praise from my teachers in the class made me happy. Its during this phase I developed passion towards good food.

As I became a surgeon, things really changed. Nothing made me happier than doing a good surgery. The gratefulness in my patient's eyes made me happy. The look on my parents' face when I gifted them with my salary made me happy.

After I got married, my wife made me happy. Her delicious food made me happy. Her sweet smell, infectious smile and her warm hug made me happy. When she announced her pregnancy, I was the happiest!

The moment our daughter was born, I was very anxious. But as my wife regained her consciousness and I held my daughter for the first time, all my anxiety flew away, I was super happy!

Right now I am at a very happy place. My daughter running to me after a tiring day at work makes me happy. She sleeping in my arms makes me happy. My wife's hug makes me happy and so does her success. A successful surgery in the operation theater makes me happy and so does the satisfaction of my patients. There are a zillion things that delight me. While things like rain and birds have always made me happy, the happiness of being a husband and father is comparatively new. 

While I rejoice when India wins a cricket match, playing myself makes me happy too! Cleanliness on the streets of Delhi makes me happy and so does vacationing! I love watching the sunrise and sunset and the sound of sea waves makes me happy! The list is endless! Just like Coca Cola which brings on a burst of happiness every time I open a bottle!


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