Must Watch: House of Cards Season 5 Premiere

Does politics intrigue you? I bet it does! Whether you try  to be a party neutral person or an extremist, politics is an integral part of life. It governs not only our country and the world but our lives in fact. And when politics is brought on the screen, it becomes all the more mind boggling!

Everyone loves a political drama. And when the drama involves none other than the first country of the world: United States, we become bound to leave everything behind to savour it. Among all the political dramas I have watched so far, House of Cards happens to be my favourite. And tomorrow seems to be lucky for me as well as all the HOC fans out there, as a brand new season is premiering!

Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!”

House of Cards has been baffling right from the beginning. The previous four seasons have been woven with suspense, treachery and nerve wrecking drama.

A brief recap of the past. All that looks perfect from the outside does not have to be so! The powerful Underwood couple look like the perfect pair. Francis Underwood is the dynamic president while Claire Underwood is not only the First Lady but an UN Ambassador too. They have a symbiotic relationship: they make each other more powerful. However the seemingly perfect couple have an open marriage and neither of them seem to have  a problem with this.
There has been terror in the land of United States and its citizens are spending sleepless nights. The ICO (Islamic Caliphate Organisation) commits a cardinal blunder which raises the furore of the government as well as the citizens like never before. Domestic terrorist Joshua Masterson beheads Jim Miller. The Miller family is an average American family who were taken hostage by the ICO...a pure case of bad luck. Masterson becomes the nation's most wanted while Frank tries to enforce his position as the next president even more. Claire on the other hand is running for Vice President. Will Conway is also fighting for the president's position in the next election. He is ready to take down the Underwoods in every way possible. Citizens are demanding answers for the assassination of Jim Miller. Now the cardinal question. Will Frank be able to capture Masterson? And will he be able to win the trust and confidence of the citizens again?

The pilot episode of Season 5 commences with debate in the Senate. Hatred has been expressed openly against the President and the government on the Washington Herald. "I will not yield " says Frank Underwood and gavel bangs. Frank declares war.

Will Conway is desparate to win the elections. He will do anything to take down Frank.

The first Lady Claire Underwood is calm and is making appearance and statements very pragmatically. ' Compassion for the living, Respect for the dead'.

Meanwhile, a deadly fire breaks out in North Carolina. Turns out the victim is Josh Masterson's mother. The co terrorists are caught in North Carolina but Josh is still at large.

 At Jim Miller's funeral Claire sheds tears. (Are those real?) The president expresses condolence for the Millers. While Melissa Miller, the teenage daughter is furious with Frank. At the funeral she mutters in Frank's ears ' I hope you die and Claire becomes President'.

The Washington Herald continues to express hatred for the President. The people feel that Declaration of war is another distraction. They want answers. Are the common people safe in this country? When will Josh be caught? Will Conway: ' We are not against war, we are against His'. Meanwhile Hannah Conway, Will's wife expresses sympathy for Josh's mother, the fire victim. This is not taken well by Will. However Hannah is sick with war and violence. She wants everything to end. Their eight year old is unable to sleep as he has nightmares.

Mrs Paterson is brought to Claire Underwood for questioning. Claire tries to dig information about her son. But the mother seems to be clueless. She breaks down and confesses that she is very ashamed with her son and wants him to turn himself in.

On the other hand, the hunt for domestic terrorist Josh continues. US Visa rules are made very strict and they have literally shut down borders. Cathy Durant, the Secretary of State tries to convince the President on relaxing Visa rules as they don't have concrete proof to back up their stringent policies. However Frank believes that it is for the best.
Meanwhile Claire is attacked on her visit at the burn site and called a 'War Whore'. Melissa Miller in Washington Herald : Frank killed my father. With so many puzzles to solve and a deadly terrorist to be caught, can the White House sleep?

Now there are a few cardinal questions: Why does Melissa Miller hate Frank Underwood so much? And the most important: Will Josh be caught? How long will it take to capture him? Will America be safe again?

Want to know the answers? Watch this nerve wrecking drama tomorrow at 5 PM onwards only on Zee Café  #HOConZCafe


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