Gearing up for summers!

Time for some fashion dose! I handover this blog to bonafide fashionista Docdivatraveller!

With summers in full swing, all we can think is to go for a vacation! And summer vacay calls for an impeccable wardrobe. So here I am listing some absolutely 'must haves' for your next trip. Believe me the heat enables you to wear any damn thing. But I have tried to focus on mainly three things which are absolutely indispensable for this season.

There are thousands of online shopping destinations. But to find 'the one 'is quite a task. Everyday I am scouring the net to find a website which has cute outfits at excellent prices. And today again I scored a jackpot and would like to share with you. is an excellent site where you can find all the trending summer wardrobe essentials at throwaway prices.

Now coming to the staples:

A dress is a must have this season. A flirty and feminine dress with preferably floral prints screams summer like no other!
Playsuit Romper:If you are a tomboy kinda girl and dresses are not your cup of tea, then playsuits are for you! The best part about them is that the legs are free for activities like hiking and climbing without giving feminity a diss. You can find loads of cute playsuits online.
Swimwear: Well its a no brainer that summer means laying by the pool or by the beach. I wish I could say in the water forever! For fabulous deals, you can buy swimwear online.

Happy summer vacation!


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